3 Promotional Pet Products Your Customers Are Sure to Love

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Promotional Pet Products

Pet parents are often passionate about the well-being of their pets. That said, appealing to this specific target market can attract them to your brand and even secure their loyalty to your goods and services. One effective way to tap into the lucrative market of pet owners is to give away customizable pet products that feature your branding.

Why Are Promotional Pet Products an Effective Marketing Strategy?

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People love getting useful gifts and pet owners are no exception. They’ll enjoy receiving items that their beloved pooch can use regularly. When you use essential products like these as marketing giveaways, pet parents will most likely use them. And if they’re durable and attractive, these branded items will surely become your customers’ favorite pet products.

On top of being functional, promotional pet products can also enhance a company’s brand exposure. Every time a customer of yours goes out of the house with their furry friend in tow, they’re likely to bring along your promotional pet products. Every time they use them in public, there’s a high chance that other people will see these products and notice your company’s branding elements, increasing their brand awareness and sometimes even improving brand retention.

What Promotional Pet Products Will Delight Your Pet Parent Customers?

Choosing pet products your customers will love can be challenging because you have so many options to consider. To help make the selection process easier, here’s a list of pet products that are functional, easily customizable and sure to be a hit with pet owners with different lifestyles. From essential pet supplies to attractive wearable items, here are four promotional pet products that your clients will be happy to receive.

Pet Apparel

pet apparel

A good chunk of your customers may love to experiment with fashion—not only for themselves, but also for their dogs. Reach out to customers who like dressing up their beloved canines or felines by offering customizable dog t-shirts and pet merchandise for all kinds of weather conditions or special occasions. You can, for example, produce and give away branded cat and dog t-shirts, pet coats or pet bandanas at your company’s next pet-related event. You can also use them as gifts to loyal customers during a special occasion like Christmas.

The best part about giving away customized pet apparel is that you have the opportunity to play around with attractive designs. As long as you make these fashion products visually appealing, any pet owner’s fur baby is sure to stand out while wearing stylish garments that feature your branding.

Dog Harnesses

dog harness

Dog harnesses are a great promotional product choice for pet parents who are looking for a safer alternative to collars and leashes. Harnesses relieve the pressure from the pet’s neck and back since they’re worn around the torso. This also makes the product very comfortable for a dog to wear, and therefore, highly usable by a customer’s standards.

In addition to preserving a pup’s comfort, a harness can provide other benefits to dogs of various ages and sizes. Using a harness on puppies still learning to walk on a lead is ideal because they’re less likely to get entangled in the leash. Harnesses also have clips on the back where leashes can be attached. This keeps leashes from moving towards the sides or in front of dogs’ paws. Pet owners will also find it easier to manage larger dog breeds when using dog harnesses. Because of its design, a harness will allow an owner to hold their ground and pull their pet back from a dangerous situation.

Given the many advantages of using dog harnesses, consider including them as part of your brand’s promotional campaign. Make sure to provide different sizes so that you can accommodate a wide range of furred customers, too.

Pet Toys

Since many pet owners enjoy playing with their fur babies, they’ll appreciate pet toys as gifts from your company. While most toys are made for a pet's enjoyment, they also help pets release any pent-up energy and give them a healthy way to stimulate their minds. They also give pet owners the valuable opportunity to bond and spend quality time with their pets.

For example, interactive toys like balls or frisbee-style discs can help owners teach their dogs how to fetch—allowing both to have fun and get in some much-needed daily exercise. Chew toys are also a good promotional product choice as they can curb a puppy’s boredom, distracting them from gnawing on furniture. This, in turn, can also assist owners in teaching their dogs discipline. Give these away at your next corporate event and you’ll garner the appreciation of your pet parent customers.

Pet products are awesome promotional gifts to give to your pet parent customers. Indeed, giving away beautiful and well-constructed products will help you cultivate strong relationships with both new and existing audiences.

When ordering customized pet products for your next round of corporate giveaways, be sure to order them from a trusted manufacturer who always has pet parents’ needs in mind and who understands your brand’s unique marketing needs. That way, you’ll end up with attractive, well-made and pet-safe products that your customers will be happy to incorporate into their everyday lives as pet parents.

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Promotional Pet Products

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3 Promotional Pet Products Your Customers Are Sure to Love

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