3 Reasons to Spend More Time With Your Cat

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Spending time with your kitty is not only a fundamental part of caring for him or her, but it also deepens your friendship. As a matter of fact, did you know that cats need at least 15 minutes of their caretakers’ attention each day? And this time spent with them is much more crucial than you would think. Cats love and need to spend time with their owners. So, here are three reasons why your kitty wants to spend time with you, along with examples of how to spend that time:

Playing Enhances Your Cat’s Health

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Playing with your four-legged pal encourages him or her to stay active, which keeps his or her body strong and at a decent weight. They also crave games that challenge their minds and cater to their natural hunting instincts. That said, do you know how to play with your cat?

Play activity doesn’t need to be structured to be fun and beneficial to your cat. Many cat guardians seem to wonder, “What do cats like to play with?” But, even chasing a simple cat feather toy or a ball of yarn can burn calories and prevent the onset of obesity that affects up to 60% of domestic cats. Once you know how to play with your cat, you will be sure to win him or her over. And it also gives you both ample time to relish each other’s company.

Putting Your Cat at Ease

Pet Assure Black Friday 300x250 bannerYour sweet little kitty is just as vulnerable to anxiety and stress as you are. However, when our feline companions are upset, they tend to display behavioral issues that they would not otherwise develop. These problems, unfortunately, may include urine-spraying, defecating outside the litter box and acting aggressively.

That said, spending quality time with your cats and playing with them can lower their anxiety level. The bonding can also promote human calming, making the transaction mutually beneficial—definitely a win-win!

Alleviating Your Cat’s Boredom

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Since felines are very curious animals, some type of daily distraction or puzzle is practically required to entertain their busy minds. Remember, your pussy cat was born to hunt and he or she is designed to outsmart and outwit other creatures in order to survive. This means that a bored cat can become tired, quiet and even develop depression.

In conclusion, to provide a loving and interactive for your cat, it’s necessary for you to talk to, play and interact with your furry buddy. You will eventually learn how to spend time with your cat—just follow his or her lead. And remember, kitties that are not entertained tend to get into trouble trying to amuse themselves.

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