5 Benefits of High-Sided Litter Boxes for Cats

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benefits high-sided cat litter boxes

Selecting an appropriate litter box is crucial for your cat's comfort and overall health. The many advantages of high-sided litter boxes are making them increasingly popular among cat owners. This post will discuss five benefits of high-sided cat litter boxes, ranging from keeping your pet safe from litter spills to giving them a sense of security.

Minimize Litter Scatter

Reducing litter dispersal is one of the main advantages of high-sided litter boxes. Because cats may be voracious diggers, conventional litter boxes with low sides sometimes have litter spilled over the floor. Litter is kept inside the box by a barrier provided by high-sided litter boxes, which lessens the quantity of trash outside the box. By doing this, you not only keep your house cleaner but also avoid wasting time and energy cleaning up dropped litter. To further lessen the possibility of dispersal, the elevated walls of these litter boxes shield cats from inadvertently pushing litter out when burrowing their feces.

1. Provide Privacy

When using a litter box, many cats prefer to be alone, and high-sided alternatives provide a feeling of privacy that might help them feel safer. Because cats are inherently shy animals, a litter box with raised sides might give them a secluded area where they can relieve themselves without feeling exposed. In houses with several pets or heavy foot activity, where cats can feel insecure utilizing a litter box in a crowded setting, this seclusion can be very helpful. For cats who want to be entirely enclosed, some high-sided litter boxes also include hoods or coverings that provide them even more solitude.

2. Contain Spraying and Overshooting

Certain cats have a propensity to overshoot or spray the sides of the litter box, which causes messes and smells outside the box. High-sided litter boxes, with their higher barriers that deter spraying and keep urine from seeping onto nearby surfaces, aid in the containment of these behaviors. Male cats or older cats with movement problems who might have trouble aiming properly within a typical litter box can particularly benefit from this. High-sided alternatives help create a cleaner and more sanitary litter box environment by keeping messes contained within the box. Additionally, these litter boxes’ increased height reduces the possibility that urine may spill and damage floors or walls, which further lessens the need for cleanup.

3. Accommodate Larger Cats

Larger or more energetic cats might find that the extra room and height that high-sided litter boxes offer are beneficial. Larger cats may feel confined and uncomfortable in conventional litter boxes with low sides, which increases their risk of accidents. Cats can move around more freely and take up their favorite digging position without feeling cramped in a high-sided option. This might assist even cats that might be fussy about their toileting habitat to avoid litter box aversion and promote consistent litter box usage. Larger cats can also turn around and move about easily in high-sided litter boxes thanks to their roomy design, which encourages greater cleanliness and lowers the possibility of accidents happening outside the box.

4. Reduce Tracking and Spillage

Litter is less likely to trail and spill onto surrounding surfaces when it is confined within a high-sided litter box. This is especially helpful for homes with carpets or dirty areas where it might be challenging to pick up dispersed trash. High-sided choices reduce the need for regular cleaning and vacuuming by keeping litter contained inside the box, promoting a neater and more hygienic living environment. Additionally, some high-sided litter boxes include integrated ramps or stairs that make it easier for cats to access and exit the box and make it less likely that they would track litter outside of it.


Cats and their owners can benefit from high-sided litter boxes in several ways, including the ability to restrict litter spread and provide their pet with solitude and protection. You may provide your cat a cleaner, cozier and more sanitary space to relieve themselves by selecting a litter box with higher sides. Investing in a high-sided litter box will significantly improve your cat’s litter box experience, regardless of whether you have a huge cat, a filthy digger or just want to decrease litter tracking about your home.

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benefits high-sided cat litter boxes

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