5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pup

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Dog smiling with clear teeth

Spring is upon us! At least for us here in Utah, that means fertilizing lawns, planting gardens and spring cleaning. Your dog should be no different. Dogs need specific things to live a happy and healthy life while making sure their quality of life is at its fullest. We’ve put together a list of a few things to make sure “Man’s Best Friend” stays as your best friend.

1. Feed Them Food and Water

Make sure you’re giving your pet the proper amount of food as well as water to ensure they aren’t underweight or overweight. This is critical to your dog’s health and happiness.

2. Wash Their Bowls

Bacteria love to live in the dirtiest of places and can contaminate a dog’s bowls, both food and water. Make sure they’re cleaned every few days to help prevent bugs in their bowls and body. Hot water and dish soap is a common remedy used by many pet owners. Just make sure that you rinse off all soap before refilling their bowls. You’re trying to prevent them from getting sick, so don’t go through all that work for nothing.

3. Brush Their Fur

Brushing your dog’s fur can help prevent it from getting matted and is a great way to care for them. Your dog will be happier because they don’t have to go through a painful process to get rid of matted fur by you or their groomer.

4.Brush Their Teeth

Professional cleanings are done under anesthesia, so unless you’re a licensed anesthesiologist, you’re going to want to brush their teeth twice a day just like us humans. This can help maintain strong teeth. Unlike humans, dogs don’t have thumbs so they need healthy teeth to help them throughout the day. Make sure they don’t get any cavities that can weaken or cause them discomfort.

5.Clean Bedding and Toys

Wash your pup’s bed and toys with a pet-safe cleaner. This will prevent them from getting ill and contracting something. A dirty bed can also invite fleas into their fur and even in your house! Beds that have been neglected can also lead to matted fur, causing them extreme discomfort.

(Bonus) Exercise Daily

Dogs and humans alike need daily exercise which is vital to a dog’s happiness, health and overall quality of life. Common activities include playing fetch, going for a walk, taking them on a hike, etc. When you are prioritizing your own personal health as a dog owner, you should look at your activities and ask yourself, “Is this something I can do with my canine companion?” This will help create a deeper and stronger bond all while getting some exercise.

In conclusion, your pets’ health is your responsibility. The better you care for your pets the better they will feel and the better you will feel as well. Your success is their success and vice versa, which is why a dog is man’s best friend! A good rule of thumb to follow in the spring is to keep your things looking clean and new, including your dog.

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Dog smiling with clear teeth

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