6 Easy Pets to Take Care of in College

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Several studies have shown that having a pet can help kids cope with stress better. Nearly 18% of college students said that their dogs helped them deal with panic and challenging situations. Although adults and college students cited similar reasons for owning a pet, lifestyle differences may explain why students are more reliant on their pets.

Six Easy Pets To Take Care of in College

Check out the six pets that are easy to take care of while you are a college student.

1. Birds

If you want to own a pet that is not high maintenance and fun to be with, birds are a perfect choice. There’s a huge variety to choose from, like avian besties, canaries, cockatiels, finches, etc. You can even train them to develop habits that will make them more disciplined. Also, they have brilliant minds and love to adopt new habits and learn tricks.

You just need to give them food and water as needed, and they’ll be your best buddies. A bird also helps students become responsible adults as they develop habits of care for someone else.

2. Hamsters

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As an upgrade in size and temperament from gerbils, hamsters exist. These are wonderful college pets and excellent beginner pets for children. A hamster will tolerate your absence for about a day before becoming lonely. That’s great news for youngsters who want to snuggle or play with a pal while doing their homework.

Once properly socialized, they are also highly affectionate. They don’t require a specific diet, and if you are busy, they will happily entertain themselves. They are, nonetheless, incredibly interactive pets. Tunnels or toys should be provided in plenty. Even better, they can be taught to use the toilet.

3. Dogs

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Who does not like owning a dog? Known for their loyalty and bravery, dogs are a very good option as a pet. You feel secure in its presence and it also does not demand much maintenance. A dog can accompany you on long hikes as there are crates for travel dogs and a dog is also a great companion at home.

Many college students own dogs and even bring them to social gatherings. Different dogs have distinct personalities; some dogs are reserved and quiet, while others are lively. They are easy to train and spend enjoyable time with.

4. Turtles

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Turtles make very good friends but also demand extra maintenance. For example, turtles can be released from their tanks and allowed to roam their owner’s apartment or home, but this requires you to keep track of them. Petting or holding a well-socialized turtle will not frighten it. Turtles come in all shapes and sizes; there are medium-sized alternatives that will fit in your dorm if you want a larger one to pet.

On the other hand, you can keep numerous tiny turtles in one tank if you desire. They are tough creatures, so caring for them isn’t as difficult. Certain turtle species are more active, more willing to forage for food and keener to engage with their owner.

5. Gerbils

gerbil playing in a play tunnel
Gerbils are an excellent choice if you want a more interactive pet. These little rodents are fantastic for kids, but they also have benefits for students. Their enclosure may necessitate some initial capital; however, a gerbil cage will readily fit on a shelf due to its compact size. They will happily entertain themselves for days on end with a partner.

Your gerbil will be peaceful and affectionate if you provide enough enrichment. Your dorm will not smell like a rodent because of their meticulous cleaning habits. Cuddles are fine and they will happily snuggle up to your chest or neck.

6. Cats

Cat resting in a bed
When it comes to cute cuddles and playful nature, cats are the ideal pets. They are not fully reliant on their owners and stay happy even when no one is there to accompany them. They are quite an easy pet to have since you can simply put food in their bowls and they won’t annoy you.

If you are doing an assignment and feel an urge to have a partner that keeps you entertained, it’s a good idea to own a cat. Their funny acts will brighten your smile and take away all the stress.


Having pets is a good way to live a happy and satisfying life. Pets require care and attention, but they keep you company. As a college student, you can easily select the ones that are minimal maintenance and will keep you entertained.

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