Adopting a Puppy? Consider These Breed Traits First

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adopting puppy

Considering adopting a puppy? Puppies can become wonderful family members and significantly improve our lives, but researching before selecting a dog will help you make the right decision. Making sure you know all the benefits and responsibilities before bringing a new family member into the house is important, as it can change your experience.

Benefits of Adopting a Puppy

Adopting a new puppy is an important task, as you need to make sure you select a breed that will fit your lifestyle. Whether you are constantly outdoors and would enjoy a hiking buddy or you stay inside and would like to have a companion on the couch with you, a dog is a great choice. If you can adopt a dog while a puppy, it will be easy for you both to become accustomed to each other and fall into a routine. Dogs are often beneficial in most people's lives as they offer loyal companionship, laughs and a feeling that you can’t get from anything else. Before adopting, consider what traits would fit best with your lifestyle and then pick your new best friend.

Consider These Breed Traits

Activity Level

If you lead an active lifestyle, you may want a partner to go on your travels who is just as energetic as you. The activity level varies for different breeds. While dogs like Australian shepherds will be playful and energetic even when grown, some like bulldogs may be less energetic when they are grown. Golden retrievers are another breed with friendly dispositions that maintain their puppy-like exuberance for most of their lives.

When you have an active lifestyle, you will want to also consider breeds that are meant to have one. Breeds like German shorthaired pointers, border collies and greyhounds are often categorized by their energy since they were historically bred for certain jobs. You would not want to choose a breed like a King Charles Spaniel or pug if you plan on hunting or hiking.


Pets who shed excessive amounts of fur can be annoying to clean up after, especially if you have allergies. Breeds like Yorkshire terriers and miniature schnauzers are renowned for being hypoallergenic and less likely to shed. Shih Tzus even have sparse shedding due to their soft, silky coats.

If you choose a breed that tends to not shed hair, keep in mind that you will have to put extra effort into keeping their coat tangle free. Hypoallergenic breeds often visit the groomers more often than their counterparts.


You should get a smaller dog if you don't have much area in your home for your puppy to run around and play. Yorkshire terrier, Chihuahua and Corgi puppies are popular choices for people who live in smaller spaces. The King Charles Spaniels, which measures just 12 to 13 inches and weighs between 13 and 18 pounds, makes an excellent pet for a small or cramped environment.


Many dog owners place a high value on well-behaved dogs because they can protect themselves and you. However, educating your dog to obey your directions can be pricey.

Boxers are among the simplest dogs to teach due to their amenable personality, demand for mental stimulation and high activity levels. In addition to being extremely adaptable, Bernese mountain dogs are also intelligent and demand a lot of cerebral activity, which might make training them simpler than other breeds.


Consider acquiring a dog that doesn't bark much if you live with others, have thin apartment walls or need peace. Even though barkers might let you know when someone is at your door, it is understandable if you're looking for a pet that's quiet.

French bulldogs often have calm dispositions and hardly ever bark. Yet, they are nevertheless attentive and can guard your home. Golden retrievers are intelligent, loving dogs that rarely bark since they generally view everyone as a friend. On the other hand, a husky howls throughout the day and sometimes can be a bit much.

Other Important Factors

Besides breed traits, here are some general responsibilities you should know:

  • Young puppies require multiple meals a day.
  • They need to be cleaned up after regularly because they will have accidents.
  • A puppy might wake you up in the middle of the night. It may mean they want some attention or could just simply be bored—are you ready for this challenge?
  • A puppy should be in its crate when left alone.
  • Puppies require a lot of socialization, especially in the beginning, which helps to train them and be comfortable around more people.


Always remember that adopting a puppy is a commitment, so choosing what breed you think fits best into your lifestyle is very important. Don’t take up this responsibility if you think you won’t be able to manage it long-term. You'll be risking a poor quality of life or even the possibility of giving the dog back, which can be heartbreaking for you both.

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adopting puppy

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