Are Brazilian Rainbow Boas Good Pets?

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Brazilian rainbow boas are beautiful snakes that are good companions. Although they do need more humidity than other snakes, they are fairly easy to take care of. Most people get their Brazilian rainbow boa as a baby snake. Before you bring one home, do your research and have the cage set up beforehand. You want to make sure you can maintain the right light, temperature and humidity to ensure the snake thrives.

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Are Brazilian Rainbow Boas Good for Beginners?

Some breeders think that Brazilian rainbow boas are intermediate snakes, but beginners can do well with them if they understand the type of care they require. These boas can get up to seven feet long, which is manageable for most people, but don’t underestimate its adult size. Smaller snakes need smaller enclosures, because it’s more difficult to regulate the temperature throughout a larger cage.

Are Brazilian Rainbow Boas Good Pets?

Brazilian rainbow boas make good pets because they live well in captivity and are easy to care for. That being said, they can be shy and aggressive, so you do need to handle them correctly to teach them to be tame. Adult snakes only eat about once a week and prefer small rodents. Their cages do need to be kept clean, so they do need regular care.

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Do Rainbow Boas Like to Be Handled?

As babies, rainbow boas are pretty aggressive and defensive because of their native habitat. You’ll need to teach the boa to be handled. Don’t handle a snake right after eating—give them two to three days to digest their food. Then handle the snake gently. As they get older, they are easier to handle. Rainbow boas aren’t venomous, but may bite at first. You can wear gloves for protection, but not wearing gloves lets them get used to your scent. Always make sure to support the snake’s weight so they aren’t threatened.

How Long Do Rainbow Boas Live?

Brazilian rainbow boas can live up to 20 years and even longer. With any pet, you are making a long-term commitment to care for it, so you want to make sure you are up to the task.


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