Are Macrame Cat Beds Safe?

Shelby Moyes Batis | September 08, 2022 | cat beds, macrame cat beds
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Macrame is one of the most popular home décor trends in 2022. The complex knotted designs are wonderful for holding plants, but can they be used for cat beds? The answer depends on the quality of the cat bed and its design.

What Is a Macrame Cat Bed?

Macrame is a unique crafting technique using textiles to create knotted designs. Macrame is used in everything from wall hangings to clothing. The design is very distinctive and creates a boho aesthetic many homeowners crave today.

Recently, hanging cat beds made from macrame have become the latest trend because of their beautiful craftsmanship. But besides their aesthetics, a main selling point is that they can be hung up. Cats enjoy having a higher view of their home and a safe space away from people. A macrame bed gives cats a safe location off the ground to sleep and enjoy alone time.

What Macrame Designs Are Safe for a Cat Bed?

Cat macrame beds vary depending on the style and the brand. But regardless of the style or design, owners need to examine the strings carefully. The security of the strings can create a safe environment for your cat; however, if the strings aren’t secure enough, a cat can make a noose out of the bed. Cat owners should avoid designs with holes where their pets’ heads can get stuck in. Stick with designs that create secure loops with decorative knots or beads.

What Is the Best and Safest Macrame Cat Bed?

Check out some of our recommendations:

  • ASCZOV Cat Hammock. This cat bed is filled with catnip giving your cat an additional treat before nap or bedtime.
  • Cat Hammock Tapestry Swing Bed Macrame. Fit for royalty, this bed is made to hang on the wall where your cat can perch and recline knowing that you treasure them enough to house them in something this special.

Macrame Cat Beds

KARCEEY Macrame Cat Hammock/ Macrame Hanging Cat Bed with Catnnip Cushion

Perhaps the best thing about this cat bed is the catnip cushion, which is a cotton-based bed infused with catnip. Another great highlight is the thick rope and durable wood to make the bed secure and safe for your feline friend. Anchors for the hammock are included as well, which will help keep the hanging bed secured for cats of all sizes and weights.

laddawan Macramé Hanging Cat Hammock

With a hanging toy included, this cat hammock is best for small cats and kittens since no anchors are included. This hammock is short though, so cats that like to climb high will love settling into its comfy cushion. Also featured is a decorative tassel underneath the bed, which all cats will love.

Doralus Macrame Cat Bed Hammock

With a tapestry hanging design, this cat bed hammock is eye-catching and includes a large plush cat bed for kitty comfort. This hammock also uses durable rope and will likely not break even with heavier cats.

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