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Alison Gaynor

My two dogs are the loves of my life! My Golden Retriever, Cody, is the sweetest dog you’d ever meet and Ziva, my Border Collie, is so smart. Learning more about dogs and sharing my experiences is why I decided to start writing!

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What Are Cat Perches
January 05, 2022
A good perch can make a cat feel safe, secure and confident at a higher elevation, with better viewpoints of the house. It... Read More
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Signs of a Happy Cat
October 12, 2021
Cats can often be tricky animals to understand. One minute you are petting their belly and the next minute they are biting... Read More
how to clean a hamster
How to Clean a Hamster
August 26, 2021
Hamsters are naturally clean animals who do a terrific job of bathing themselves. Although some hamsters may need a little... Read More
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Types of Fences for Dogs
June 02, 2021
Keeping dogs safe in the yard is a huge concern for pet owners. Giving the dog a place to roam and territory to explore is... Read More
Kittens in Litter Box m
Cat Litter Box Ideas
May 07, 2021
Most people cringe at the idea of having a litter box. The smell, mess and cost are commonly the foremost thoughts in most... Read More
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How to Build a Cat Tower
April 22, 2021
Building a cat tree can be a rewarding project to create a fun space for your pet. Felines love to climb high to achieve... Read More

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