Basics of Red Tail Boa Care

Dustin Williams | September 15, 2021 | boas, red tailed boa, reptiles, snakes
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Are Columbian Red Tail Boas Easy to Take Care of?

As long as you do your research, know what you’re doing, and your boa trusts you, they usually are.

The biggest challenge is working with the boa’s size because it requires a lot of space with a healthy environment to thrive. Also, boas’ body temperatures are controlled by thermoregulation. As a result, it’s best to put your heater on one side instead of at the center of the tank. Your heater should be about 85 degrees with a 90-degree belly spot. The cooler side should be around 75 degrees.

As a result, most experts recommend red-tailed boas for people who have previously owned snakes.

How often should I handle my red tail boa?

First, you should wait until it trusts you. Otherwise, you’ll probably make it uncomfortable. Your boa could interpret it as aggression and attack you very fast.

It should be noted that boas can go a lot longer without eating than humans can. Experts recommend waiting at least five days after bringing your boa home to feed it. However, if your boa tries to eat while stressed, it could vomit. If that occurs, experts recommend waiting about two weeks before trying again. Boas know if they’re hungry or not and won’t eat if they’re not hungry or if they’re stressed.

If you feed your boa the wrong food, bad food, or too excessively, that could also cause your boa to vomit. Pet boas should be kept on a rigorous protein diet of mice or rats. Be sure to get them from a good source so that you can ensure that the food hasn’t been allowed to go bad. Pre-cooked is usually fine since the majority of boas don’t need to chase their food. However, some seem to prefer the movement.

Let your boa get used to its surroundings and you first. Like with every other pet, consistency is vital. Please don’t force it out of its comfort zone, or it will think you’re being aggressive.

Once your boa is used to you, it will probably let you handle it safely most of the time. In fact, experts recommend handling your boa quite frequently to maintain your bond with it.

However, don’t handle your boa when it’s stressed or agitated. If so, check for any issues in the enclosure.

Are red tail boas aggressive?

Actually, the short answer to the question is a red tail boa a good pet, is yes. This is because they’re curious yet docile by nature.

When they get agitated, it’s usually because of physical discomfort, unfamiliarity, or a move they see as an attack.

How long do Columbian red tail boas live?

On average, they live between 20 and 30 years. However, there’s never any telling for sure. So the best thing you can do is maintain their care in the best way possible.

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