Can Parakeets and Cockatiels Live Together?

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parakeets & cockatiels
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Parakeets and cockatiels are indigenous to Australia but have been domesticated as pets around the world. The two birds actually live together in the wild, so the question of whether they can live together in captivity often comes up. Parakeets and cockatiels can and do live together, but there are some things to know before introducing the birds to the same cage.

How To Bring a Cockatiel and a Parakeet Together

Before sharing a cage, the two birds need time to get familiar with each other. Each bird should have its own cage for about four weeks while you make sure that each bird is healthy. Put the cages in the same room while giving each bird some space. Once the birds are familiar with each other, you may bring the cages closer together. When you do decide they’re ready to meet beak-to-beak, a large neutral cage is best, but you should bring them together in the cage they will be sharing.

What Size Bird Cage Do I Need If I Have Both Parakeets and Cockatiels?

bird avary

Ideally, you want the largest aviary you can find if parakeets and cockatiels are sharing a cage. Both birds need to be able to fly and hop about without hitting a perch or toy. You will want plenty of perches and a separate feeding place for each bird. There should also be places where each bird can retreat. A regular-sized cage does not have sufficient space. Also, parakeets and cockatiels are dusty birds, so the cage should be well-ventilated.

What To Know About Parakeets’ and Cockatiels’ Personalities

Cockatiels are the larger bird, but they are more mellow. Parakeets are usually more outgoing and busier than the cockatiel, but each bird can have its own personality. Both birds are extremely intelligent. You should monitor the cohabitation situation until you know how each bird is responding. There may be some puffing of the wings or hissing when first introduced. This is normal; however, violent behavior is not. Separate the birds if they fight. Give them another week and try to introduce them again.

parakeets & cockatiels

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Do Parakeets and Cockatiels Eat the Same Foods?

Parakeets and cockatiels have similar diets, but they do have their own dietary needs. Cockatiels can handle oily seeds, while parakeets need less fat in their diet, because they are prone to obesity. Provide them with a millet-seed mix for small birds, a pellet formulated for small birds and fresh fruits and veggies. Apple slices, fresh greens and other fruits should be chopped small enough for the birds’ small beaks. Offer different feeding sites for each bird to reduce aggression during mealtime.

Do Cockatiels and Parakeets Like the Same Toys?

parakeets & cockatiels

Fortunately, cockatiels and parakeets can handle the same types of toys, swings, bells, ropes and shredding toys. The larger toys designed for cockatiels can be a little scary to the parakeet, but they can get used to them. Both types of birds can be territorial when defending a favorite toy, but they both can appreciate being part of a flock. Just make sure to watch their behavior and offer separate arrangements when one of them gets more aggressive.


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