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What is it about fish and underwater creatures that we find so fascinating? Or should we say, what is it about them that isn’t fascinating? Everything about aquatic critters seems to captivate us—from the way they look to the way they move. You gotta admit, they’re a little mysterious… and even frightening at times. But whatever we might think about fish as pets, is there anything more relaxing then gazing intendedly at our fishy friends and just letting the world go by?

Are you looking for a way to make your aquarium fresh and exciting? Consider the most popular tetras. This dynamic and colorful family of fish can add that extra splash of fun you’re looking to add to your tank. Want something vibrant? Check out the neon tetras. Interested in something […]

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As a fish enthusiast, the joy and relaxation that a well-maintained aquarium can bring are unmatched. However, even the most experienced fish keepers can make mistakes when it comes to caring for their at-home underwater oasis. From improper cycling to overfeeding, there are a few common pitfalls that can lead […]

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