Choosing the Ideal Bed for Your Cat

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ideal cat bed
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Convincing your cat to sleep on their bed or mat is the hardest trick, especially if your bed is cozier. Cats are particular and like warm beddings for their "beauty sleep." Facts state that cats sleep around 16 to 20 hours daily. With that much sleep, I believe the cats weigh their options and choose the most comfortable couch or bed over their playpen and bed.

Getting an ideal bed is crucial or mandatory, but getting the right bed is puzzling. The biggest frustration is when your cat doesn't like the bed. It's not logical to shop for a bed with your cat. However, you can simply check out the best sellers like clearly loved pets for ideas for a cozy bed. The market provides a plethora of choices, making it challenging to select the best. However, multiple factors determine a quality bed for an adorable cat.

What To Consider When Choosing a Cat Bed

1. Cat’s taste and interests

It's always a matter of whether the cat will love its new bed. However, the puzzle will be solved by combining the crucial factors and analyzing your cat’s interests. Cat owners can easily determine their favorite spot, food, sleep area, material and color. The analysis helps decide on the type of bed and material to use.

2. Bed style

Hooded or cave bed

cat cave bed

Though cats sleep best on cozy, fluffy and soft beds, privacy and seclusion are significant considerations. Check out the bed with hideaway style, which covers the cat from open space. The hood on the cave beds provides warmth and safety, especially for anxious kitties (new cats, kittens).

Bolster bed

cat bolster bed

The cat will easily curl up and rest for a nice, peaceful sleep. Bolsters are budded beds raised on all or one side for comfort. This provides room for stretching and curling for better sleep.

Window bed

cat window bed

Most cats love the outside view and easily fall asleep near the window. Avoid the frustration of purchasing a bed that they will never use. Go for a bed that suits their desire, a window bed. The beds are easy to hang on their favorite spot making the view better and sleep sweeter.

Heated bed

cat heated bed

Heated beds are best suited for cold weather like winter seasons and sickly and elderly cats. However, this doesn't limit healthy cats from using it.

3. Comfort

cat bedding

Comfort is the primary aspect that will keep your cat glued to their new bed. Providing soft, cozy and warm bedding will keep the bed comfortable. Sometimes you may get all the nice materials, but the cat won't sleep on their new bed. It's normal and requires a bit of assurance by providing a familiar cloth, blanket or toy.

4. Washability

A stuffed, dirty bed will only chase your cat back to the clean couch. When shopping for a bed, check for removable covers. This will make washing and changing easier, thus keeping a fresh and bug-free bed.

5. Avoid beads

It's not logical, considering cats like to play, and would appreciate a bead and tassel bed. However, mistakes are prone to happen, and your cat can accidentally swallow a bead. Choose beautiful colors to spice up the look and include the cat's favorite toys. The toys will distract them from chewing the bed's fabrics which can result in choking.

6. Location

What does location have to do with sleep? Cats are sensitive and know their territories well. They can easily trace their scent, which gives a sense of comfort. Once you purchase a bed, however beautiful and comfortable, make sure to place it in your favorite area.

7. Durability

Though change is good, a regular bed purchase due to wearing out is hectic. Always check out reviews from different buyers before making an order. The bed material should survive scratching to avoid tearing.

How To Settle Your Cat on the New Bed

With all these considerations for purchasing the perfect bed, shifting your cat from the laundry basket to your bed or couch is another big deal. The challenge is always the unfamiliar items and scents. To encourage the cat, place the bed in their favorite area, use familiar blankets and toys and reward them once they attempt to use the bed. Most cats love slightly elevated areas; place the bed at their best height for comfort. However, ensure it's a safe height that won't cause injuries.


Adorable is an underestimation, as cats hold multiple nice characteristics. Cat owners can provide a desirable resting place by narrowing down all choices and picking the best. Merging your cat’s interests and other basic factors will help in getting a quality bed for your kitty. It's also advisable to check on the padded or spongy beds to ensure they are in perfect shape or may need a change.

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ideal cat bed

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