Dating a Dog Lover: Remember These Four Tips Before Your First Date

Author: Brett Gee | March 16, 2023
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dating dog lover

How many Dog dating apps do you have on your phone? Despite the stigma associated with contemporary dating, perhaps you’ve finally met the person you consider to be “the one.” They have a great smile, are humorous and have a dog.

Dating a dog parent is one of the best things in the world, in my opinion. There are, however, a few things you should be aware of before dating someone who enjoys their dog. Check out these four tips before you fall for a dog lover.

Dogs Are Family

The first rule is that they never, ever, refer to their adoring dog as “just a dog” in any condition; they don’t think of them that way!

Adore Their Dog As Much As They Do

When things between you two get serious, the quantity of dog photographs and videos sent to you will increase. If you and the dog have a long enough connection, you will be referred to as the dog’s “mum” or “dad.”

Things Might Get Messy

Dog parents are adept at coping with tense situations such as overturned garbage cans, torn-up shoes and other mishaps. It’s time to figure out how to deal with the difficulties and problems that life throws at you.

Your Date Will Understand Your Mood Intuitively

Even though their dogs can’t communicate, dog owners spend a lot of time interacting with them. As a result, they’ve become quite skilled at reading body language and detecting how their dogs are feeling. Don’t be surprised if they observe you getting frustrated, anxious or disturbed. Let’s just say their dogs did a fantastic job of teaching them.

Top Four Rules You Must Keep in Mind When Getting Along With a Date’s Dog

Dogs make excellent companions and devoted protectors. A dog in your life is an incredible experience; they provide you with love, affection and honesty. You can always tell how your dog is feeling by the way it looks and acts. They, unlike humans, cannot lie. When you own a dog, they rapidly become your best buddy, accompanying you everywhere. Having a dog can sometimes serve as a substitute for having a companion.

A dog has a special place, particularly in most women’s hearts; thus, it is critical to be patient when dating a dog owner. Being friendly to a woman’s dog is one of the most crucial things you can do when you’re with her. You want the dog to be your companion. Without a doubt, the path to a woman’s heart is through her dog.

The first rule is to befriend your partner’s dog

This is why you should be as kind to your girlfriend’s dog as possible—pet the dog and even play with the dog. Remember that your girlfriend’s dog will always want to protect her, so being gentle and friendly to your girlfriend will keep the dog at ease. This will teach your partner’s dog that you are not an enemy, but rather a friend who will not hurt anyone. You can become closer to your companion after the dog trusts you.

The second rule is to gain the trust of your partner’s dog

Once you have the dog’s trust, you are halfway through the door. Another great approach is to offer to walk your partner’s dog. It would be ideal if you could take her dog on walks with just the two of you. Walking the dog provides an excellent opportunity to bond with the dog. Eventually, the dog will warm up to you and gradually become your friend.

The third rule is to feed the dog

The next step is to enquire with your partner about feeding the dog. This is a crucial stage that will bring you closer to the dog. The person who feeds the dog is said to hold a particular place in the dog’s heart. A dog will always love and appreciate the person who provides it with food. You will notice that things between you and your partner have never been better.

The fourth rule is staying consistent

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is consistency. Now that you and the dog are getting along well and are friends, you must maintain the relationship. Your interactions with the dog must be consistent. Continue to walk the dog; continue to feed the dog and make sure you are playing with them. You won’t want to lose the fantastic relationship you currently have with your partner's dog. You won’t become complacent and go backwards if you keep in mind what you already have and how fortunate you are.


You must respect the bond a dog owner has with their pet when you enter their life. This is why making the effort to get to know your girlfriend and her dog is so crucial. A woman can be won over by her dog, and when she sees that you treat her dog well, her heart will melt. Therefore, a happy pupper is a happy lover in this context, that, in turn, leads to a happy life.

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