Happy DOGust 1st! Birthday for Shelter Dogs

Alison Gaynor | August 01, 2021 | dogs, DOGust, shelter dogs
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One of the most exciting days of the year is all about celebrating some worthwhile pups. August 1st is the annual birthday for shelter dogs across the world.

The holiday was started in 2008 by North Shore Animal League America, the largest, no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, to bring attention to the large population of dogs living in pounds and shelters. Some dogs come to shelters without a birthday and sometimes even without a name. So North Shore Animal League America gave them a birthday.

This universal birthday for shelter dogs brings attention to the growing need for support. Many pets are neglected or living on the streets, forced to go without consistent food or medical care. They are often found by rescuers starving with fleas, ticks, infections, bruises and cuts. All dogs deserve an awesome life, even if they have to take a quick stop in the shelter before finding their forever home.

How to Celebrate?

There are tons of ways to celebrate this PAWsome holiday!

  •  Volunteer at the local animal shelter
  •  Donate funds or resources to shelters
  •  Watch a documentary on dog rescues
  •  Learn more about animal rescues
  •  Spend an afternoon at the dog park
  •  Throw your rescue pup a birthday party
  •  Use social media to encourage adopting and not shopping #DOGust
  •  Make a vow to avoid puppy mills
  •  Adopt a shelter dog

More About Mutts

Adopt a Shelter Dog

Animal Welfare on Pixabay

Adopting a dog from a shelter doesn’t change the world, but it changes their world.

Although adopting a shelter dog isn’t free, overall it can be cheaper than purchasing a dog from a breeder. Just like pedigree dogs, mutts and purebred dogs in rescues need the basic needs, like bowls, food, bed, crate and veterinary appointments.

The only big cost difference is the fees for the animal.

While buying pedigree dogs can run into the thousands, most animal shelters have an adoption fee for under a hundred dollars. Some places even waive adoption fees for military personnel and first responders. They may also waive fees for everyone during certain holidays and when the shelter begins to reach max capacity.

Rescue dogs are not perfect—but no dog is! Some may have behavioral or health issues that will take time, money and patience. They are not bad dogs by nature, but they may not have had the most ideal life before ending up at a shelter. Just like people carry baggage and trauma from their past, dogs do too. When shelter dogs realize they are in a safe environment and are loved beyond a doubt, they can become some of the most loyal animals on earth.

All it takes is a little heart to make this DOGust 1st the most exciting one yet!

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