Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

Author: Stuart Mill | March 26, 2022
cat owner
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Cats are the best pets you can have, especially if you are a busy person. You don’t have to put in much effort as they basically take care of themselves. No walks, no grooming; they can handle it all on their own. They can fit into any tiny space and pass the time away. In addition to being self-reliant, cats can attack you with those cute little paws and adorable tiny noses. You can’t help but break into a big “aww” whenever your cat passes by.

But cats are not just furry balls that keep licking themselves; they can also be extremely beneficial to the overall well-being of their owners. It’s not hearsay, it’s a scientifically-proven fact. And we’re here to unravel some of the health benefits you should be aware of as a cat owner.

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Cats Help Create a Balanced Mental State

If you have a history of stress and anxiety, cats can be your happy pill. These furry animals are known to bring down the levels of stress by inhibiting the production of cortisol and increasing the production of happy hormones. The reduced stress levels will also put you to sleep faster. You can achieve this happy effect by petting a cat or even by looking at cat videos on Instagram. The presence of your cat and their physical touch also reduces nervousness or emotional turmoil and gives you a sense of security as well as eliminates any negative feelings like loneliness or depression.

From this we can conclude that cats are able to improve your mental state, which is one of the major reasons why they are preferred as emotional support animals.

Cats Can Boost Your Immunity

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of a good immune system. Well, your immunity booster is probably sitting at home licking its paws. That’s right, if you own a cat, you are already immune to a number of illnesses, mites, dust, allergies and respiratory diseases.

This happens because cats bring with them all sorts of contaminants. When we are exposed to them continuously, we become immune to these contaminants. This is why children who live with pets like cats and dogs are healthier and have better immunity. Clearly cleanliness is not always the best way to stay healthy—your cat might do a better job.

Cats Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

If your feline friends weren’t the best pets already, here’s another great fact—cats can reduce your risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases. So basically, cats can help you live longer. Great news!

This is possible because a cat can calm you down just like a session of meditation. They can help bring down your heart rate and reduce any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling, which are the two main factors that contribute to heart disease.

How do cats do this? Just by being there for you. The presence and touch of these furry animals is enough to lift your mood and, as mentioned earlier, keep your mental state balanced. Simply indulging in cuddling sessions with your cat can bring about a great change.

Cats Can Help You Develop or Improve Social Skills

Crowded places or meeting new people are stressful situations for a lot of people. You can avoid those awkward silences and create a better conversation with the help of your cat. These felines are great at easing the tension in stressful situations and the end result is the nervousness disappears making it easier for you to break the ice.

Cats can also be a great means of teaching children how to share, be selfless and empathetic. A cat can be their first friend who helps them build interpersonal relationships in the future. For this same reason, cats are used to help improve the social skills of autistic children. The love and care that is mutually shared between cats and their owners helps build self-esteem that is useful in improving social interactions.

Cat Purrs Can Be Medically Therapeutic

Next time your cat purrs, enjoy it because you are benefiting from it. A cat’s purr is generally within the range of 20–140 Hz which is considered to be medically therapeutic. Those purrs can help calm your nerves down and also lower your blood pressure. Many studies also claim that purr sounds are helpful in building bone strength and healing muscles, tendons and soft tissues. Looking at the facts, I think now we can all agree that the ancient Egyptians who worshipped the cats weren’t wrong.

Now it’s time to thank your cat and give it the biggest hug ever (if it allows this). Cats have been caring for you and helping to improve your health for a long time. If you want your cat to officially become your emotional support animal, you can apply for an ESA letter from a legitimate clinic such as My ESA Doctor.

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