How Big Should a Hamster Cage be?

Parker Hansen | October 04, 2021 | hamster cage, hamsters
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hamster in cage
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Hamsters are lovable, fun, not to mention, absolutely adorable animals, especially if you are looking for a starter animal for kiddos. While hamsters are considered relatively low-effort pets, it’s still crucial to make sure you are caring for them properly. This raises the age-old question—how big of a hamster cage should I get?

There is no magic number for this, but the fact of the matter is, the bigger the cage, the happier your hamster will be. A rule of thumb is to aim for at least 12 by 24 inches. Anything smaller than that will not be healthy or comfortable for your furry, little friend.

What Should I Have in My Hamster Cage?

To keep your hamster happy, stimulated and comfortable, make sure you consider everything you might want to get for the cage. These additions can lead to a higher demand on space, so it is good to plan ahead. For starters, there should be plenty of space for your hamster to nest in and sleep. This is crucial to keeping them safe and comfortable. An exercise wheel is also highly encouraged. Toys and gnawing blocks are also an absolute must. This goes without saying, but don’t forget a section for food and water. Hamsters also love to explore and tunnel, so the bigger the cage and the more spaces for them to explore, the better off you both will be.

What Are the Benefits of a Big Hamster Cage?

For starters, a bigger cage offers more ventilation. You can rest easy knowing your hamster is breathing well. Additionally, larger cages do not have to be cleaned nearly as often as small, tightly-packed ones. A larger space will lead to a more relaxed, less agitated hamster, which means your little buddy will have a better overall quality of life and a more friendly disposition. If you are considering buying more than one hamster, it is absolutely crucial for both critters to have enough space to be happy and comfortable. When in doubt, go bigger.

How Can I Determine the Right Cage for My Space?

It’s important to know your space limitations before making any big decisions about your hamster’s habitat. Measure your space and decide if you’re sticking with one hamster or do you want more in the future? Then you can shop around to find what suits your space. It is always wise to ask an expert at a pet store or your local veterinarian for hamster cage recommendations.

To sum it up, research your hamster cage options, decide what you want and purchase with confidence that you and your hamster will be as happy as possible.

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hamster in cage

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