How Electric Dog Fences Can Save Your Dog’s Life

September 11, 2022
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Electric dog fences give your dog the freedom to roam, run and play around your yard or within your property. Otherwise known as e-fences or pet containment systems, these fences are used for obvious reason: to contain your dog in a specific area and prevent them from wandering off.

The use of e-fences is not only limited to yard boundary training. You can install wireless e-fences within your house to keep your pets from a certain area, such as near a door. They can also be used to avoid (or minimize) common dog mischief indoors and reduce pet damage.

Can Electric Dog Fences Hurt Your Pet?

An electric dog fence differs from an electric fence that employs high-voltage shocks to scare off animals and people from crossing a boundary. The latter uses electric shocks that can cause injuries or death.

An e-fence, on the other hand, works by utilizing static whenever your dog nears a boundary line. The shock emitted by the e-collar does not hurt your dog and only gets their attention in order to stop them. Some e-collars for dogs also have a vibration mode if you have a sensitive dog or do not prefer static stimulation.

What Are the Types of E-fences?

There are two kinds of e-fences

  1. In-ground fences

    in ground wireless fence
    An in-ground e-fence works by burying a wire underground, a few inches deep, to mark the perimeter of your property. Once your dog nears the boundary, the fence transmits a signal to your dog through the e-collar. This teaches your dog to stay a few inches from the boundary line.

  2. Wireless fences

    wireless fence
    A wireless fence uses a transmitter mounted inside the house that emits the warning signal. It is activated when your dog walks beyond a certain radius from the transmitter. The coverage area of a wireless e-fence is limited to a circle.

How Can an E-fence Ensure Your Dog’s Safety and Save Your Dog’s Life?

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There are a lot of upsides when using an e-fence compared to a traditional fence. Aside from pet freedom, you won’t have to entertain problems like neighborhood nuisances. You can skip the hassle of installing traditional fences, which are more costly than e-fences. An e-fence also gives you an option whenever you get caught up in work and cannot walk your dog daily. Companies like PetsTEK let you choose the right e-fence for your dog, so you can enjoy all these benefits and convenience.

On top of all, if you need one good reason to install an e-fence, it’s your dog’s safety. Again, why do you want to contain your dog within your property in the first place? It is to keep your dog safe from danger beyond your property, as outlined below.

  1. Keeping your dog within your property prevents road mishaps

    When your dog runs and crosses the street, you might have to leave it all to fate that the passing vehicles avoid running over your dog. Imagine the worry it can cause you. Once your dog goes beyond your property, anything can happen. Discouraging them from crossing the property line using an e-fence helps you maintain control.

  2. Keeping your dog inside the property lowers the risk of them getting lost

    Dogs are part of the family and you wouldn’t want a family member to go missing. The problem with dogs is that they may not even be aware of approaching danger. When dogs get lost and are not reunited with their family, they often end up in animal shelters. Animal shelters euthanize these pets if adoption is unlikely and the shelter is already congested. So, as a fur parent, it is upon you to prevent them from getting lost and eliminate that unfortunate event from happening to them.

  3. Dogs confined within the property have fewer chances of aggressive interactions with other dogs

    These interactions are common to dogs, primarily when motivated by dominance, territory or fear. Aggressions between two unfamiliar dogs can result in injuries to dogs (or people). What would happen if it were your small dog against a large, aggressive dog? Additionally, pet owners inadvertently reinforce this aggression by using a dog leash to keep a dog confined in their properties. Fewer dog interactions mean fewer chances of sustaining injuries and ensure your dog’s safety.

  4. Containing your dog inside your property prevents them from being exposed to contagious diseases

    Dogs are like humans. They are susceptible to infections from interactions with other dogs or humans. Dogs roaming freely outside have more risks of contracting contagious diseases than dogs kept at home. You’re lucky if your dog has been vaccinated to combat the pathogens or the infections. But what if it’s a new disease and existing vaccines are ineffective against it? If fatal viruses affecting humans can evolve, it wouldn’t be a surprise that dog diseases can advance, too.

Final Note

Using an e-fence gives your dog the freedom to run around your yard. E-fences are also convenient and less of a hassle compared to traditional fences. Installing an electric dog fence ensures your pet’s safety and may save their life.

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