How To Choose the Best Guinea Pig Cage

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best guinea pig cage
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Guinea pigs are one of the most amazing pets to own, as they are very entertaining. The best thing about them is that they can live for many years as long as you offer them the best care possible.

A vital part of guinea pig care involves providing them with a comfortable and safe cage. However, choosing the best guinea pig cage can be tricky, especially if you are a novice pet owner. In most cases, there are several factors that you should look into, which may make the process challenging. Below we’ve put together an outline of the best way to choose a cage for guinea pigs.

How Big Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be?

Compared to other rodents, such as gerbils and hamsters, guinea pigs need larger cages. Large cages for guinea pigs are ideal as the pets need spacious room to exercise. The pets rely primarily on the floor space, as they do not climb or jump.

guinea pig cage

Thus, for one guinea pig, aim to have a minimum cage size of at least 7.5 square feet. Also, the cage’s height should be at least 12 inches with an open top. Remember—the bigger the cage, the happier your pet.

A spacious cage is crucial because:

  • It allows your pet to be more confident and outgoing.
  • It reduces how quickly the cage becomes dirty, which means a less smelly cage and a healthier pet.
  • The large space makes the cage cleaning process very easy.

What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cage?

Guinea pigs require a lot of physical exercise to be healthy and happy. Therefore, you must ensure that their cages have everything they could need, as outlined in this list:
carefresh small pet bedding photo


The bottom of your guinea pig’s cage should have substances that ensure your pet feels comfortable. For instance, Carefresh will absorb your pet’s feces and urine, thus, controlling the smell of ammonia. Carefresh also acts as an excellent bedding for your pet. In most cases, guinea pigs also love chewing on Carefresh, which makes them happy.

guinea pig tunnel


Tunnels are an excellent addition to the cage. They will help provide a similar habitat to the wild for your pet. One thing to note when deciding on the tunnel is that it should be large enough to fit your pet. Aim for a tight fit.

grass chew balls

Grass chew balls

Grass chew balls are excellent treats to offer your pet. One of the favorite ways a guinea pig enjoys spending their time is by chewing. Grass chew balls will help your pet stimulate their senses while remaining healthy and happy.

Food and water bowls for guinea pigs

Food and water bowls

You will need to have water and food bowls in the cage. The number of bowls you choose to include should depend on how many guinea pigs you have. For the food bowls, you can consider adding fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, you can opt for water bottles instead of water bowls.

How Big a Cage for Two Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are very outgoing and social animals. To keep them happy, you can consider having at least two guinea pigs in a cage. If you have two guinea pigs, you must provide them with a larger cage. Experts recommend that guinea pig cages for two pets be at least 10.5 square feet. However, you can always go for a bigger one. Remember, the bigger, the better.

How To Set Up a Guinea Pig Cage

Once you have the right cage size, accessories and toys, you can now set up the cage. Below is a guide that will help you set up your pet’s cage.

Choose a suitable location

Guinea pigs can thrive indoors or outdoors, provided they have adequate space and you can keep them at a comfortable temperature during the summer or chilly winter months. However, ensure that you place the cage away from direct sunlight, heating vents, fireplaces or wooden stoves. The ideal temperature should be 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Too much heat can put your guinea pig at risk of heat stroke. Also, the location you choose should be predator-proof.

Line the cage’s bottom with newspaper

Line the bottom of the cage with newspaper, then add Carefresh or hay. The main goal behind the lining is to ensure an easier cleaning process. The Carefresh or hay will also provide your guinea pigs with suitable bedding to keep them warm.

Select a suitable place for the food and water bowls

Decide the location where you will place the food and water bowls. Ensure that the water bowl is far from the food bowl. If you consider water bottles, attach them to the wire bars of the cage.

Place the tunnels and grass chew ball in the cage

Your guinea pig will need the tunnels to play and hide. They will also benefit from having the chew ball, as guinea pigs love chewing.

What Are the Best Cages for Guinea Pigs?

The best cages for guinea pigs ensure that the pets are very comfortable. In the market, you will find that there are several cages available; however, not all are suitable for your pet. Here are two of the most popular guinea pigs cages currently available on the market.

Kaytee guinea pig cage

The Kaytee guinea pig cage is an excellent option, especially if it is your first time owning a guinea pig. It has chew-proof latches that ensure your pet remains secure and safe. The bottom of the cage is removable, making cleaning very easy. In addition, the cage comes with a water bottle, food dish and cozy bedding.

C&C guinea pig cage

The C&C guinea pig cage is another incredible option. It is an excellent habitat for your guinea pig, as it is easy to clean and is affordable. Also, you can easily modify the cage to meet your pet’s specific needs.

Bottom Line

A suitable guinea pig cage plays a crucial role in ensuring that your pet has a healthy and happy life. Make sure the cage you choose is the right size, can accommodate the necessary accessories and is easy to clean.

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