How To Show Your Dog That You Love Them

Author: Alison Gaynor | September 12, 2021
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The best part of my day is when I walk through my front door and both of my dogs are standing there waiting on me to get home from work. They have those big puppy dog eyes, wagging tails, and I swear they even smile! I know they love me and they should know I love them! But how do I know and how can I let them know?

How to Tell if Your Dog Loves You

Dogs show emotions in different ways than we do, so it is important to know how to translate their doggie language into something we can understand.

Here are some ways that your dog may show their love for you!

  • Getting excited when they see you
  • Holding eye contact
  • Sleeping near you
  • Trying to be near you (or straight up laying on you)
  • Randomly checking on you
  • Bringing you their toys
  • Excessively licking you
  • Taking your clothes or shoes
  • Laying on your side of the bed or couch when you are not there
  • Waiting by the door for you when you leave
  • Moving where they are sitting to get closer to you
Loving Your Dog

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How to Make Your Dog Love You

I would do anything for my pups and I want them to know just how much I love them! I have always wondered how do you show your dog you love them?

  • Belly rubs and ear scratches
  • Looking into your dog’s eye and speaking to them softly
  • Take them to the dog park or lake
  • Snuggles and more belly rubs
  • Tell them!

Treats are an easy way to show your pup some attention, but there is a limit. Ensure you follow the nutritional guidelines for the treats to prevent overfeeding.

Hugging Your Dogs

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Should You Hug Your Dog?

It is human nature to want to hug someone you love and be close to them! Yet, for dogs, this does not translate as well as we might hope.

Research has shown that hugging your dog can actually cause them stress and anxiety; the opposite of what we are trying to do! Some dogs may feel trapped or valuable when they are embraced, so maybe skip the hugs and opt for something that the dog can understand better.

Doggone Sweet

Just remember how to show your dog love and they will show you love right back! Take this article as a sign to spend a few minutes today showing your dog just how much they mean to you.

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doloresz dombi jFYUsipgySk unsplash

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