Happy National Spoil Your Dog Day!

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Take some time today to show your dog how much you love and appreciate them. Spoil Your Dog Day is a holiday to celebrate how our loyal canine companions have loved and supported us all throughout history. From wolves to lap dogs, they have been alongside mankind since the beginning of recorded history and deserve a day dedicated to them.

Some extra love from their owners means a lot to dogs because, well, owners are their whole world.

Is it okay to spoil your dog?

How to Spoil Your Dog

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In moderation—yes! Giving your dog extra love, attention, playtime, treats and toys can be a great way to increase your dog’s happiness and show them how much you love them. However, giving your dog too many treats can lead to obesity and further health problems. Ensure your dog is still able to rest and recover from playtime and long walks. Dogs get sore just like we do.

Your dog may be too spoiled if it begins to affect their behavior, overall health or your wallet!

How to spoil your dog

There are tons of ways to spoil your pup, today and every day!

  • Visit the local dog park
  • Give some extra belly scratches
  • Pick out some special treats or new bones
  • Give them a Puppuccino from Starbucks (my dogs’ personal favorite)
  • Take them to the lake for a swim
  • Let them choose a new toy at the pet store
  • Have a puppy play date

The World’s Most Spoiled Dog

Hint: Not my dog, who is currently staring at me wondering when his worldwide vacation will start.

Lucky Diamond was a Maltese Poodle owned by Wendy Diamond, founder of Animal Fair Magazine, and was commonly known as the world’s most pampered pup. Lucky had a custom-designed dress that cost more than $4K and was scheduled to have a wedding (yes, to the spoiled pup, Mr. Lucky), valued at over $140K. Although Lucky died shortly before the wedding, the celebration went on as planned and the guests celebrated her life.

Spoiled Dog Quotes

Here are some of our top quotes to help you with your Instagram captions to celebrate your awesome pup on Spoil Your Dog Day. Posting a spoiled dog meme can also be a great addition.

My dog isn’t spoiled, I'm just well trained“My dog isn’t spoiled, I’m just well trained”


Life is short, spoil your dog“Life is short, spoil your dog”


Some people might say I spoil my dog, I just think this is how they deserve to be treated“Some people might say I spoil my dog, I just think this is how they deserve to be treated”


I don’t always spoil my dog, oh wait, YES I DO!“I don’t always spoil my dog, oh wait, YES I DO!”


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