How To Stop Your Dog From Biting?

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stop dog biting
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Dogs are often considered the most preferred pet, but dog biting can be severe. Why do dogs bite or how can we stop them from biting? Here is all you need to know.

Dogs are one of the most faithful animals ever. They are faithful and a great friend of humans. But sometimes, due to the aggressive activity of predators or if you interact negatively with them, domestic dogs often bite to protect themselves. As such, there are dog bite laws in every state. If any dog accidentally or intentionally bites anyone, the dog's owner has to provide compensation. The dog bite laws in different states claim different things. As per the U.S., a liable dog-bite lawsuit has to give a compensation of $50,000.

How To Stop Dogs From Biting?

There are certain conditions when dogs tend to bite. To stop your dog from biting, what steps should you follow? We are here with a guide for you.

1. Provide Basic Training

Training is an excellent option for handling any animal or pet. Train your dog to understand simple commands like sit, stand, stop, etc. Your training could help your pet handle a situation whenever your pet would be likely to bite. After all, dogs usually do not deny their master's order.

2. Socialize Your Dog

stop dog biting

J Mayooresan from Unsplash

Dogs often get scared or feel unsafe when they come across an unknown person or situation. Helping your dog to socialize could help them to mix in any situation. Try to meet your dog with other unknown persons or unfamiliar situations.

Then, you can give them a break with other dogs and their owners in the park. You can also introduce your dog to your friends or other neighbors. But avoid caging them inside only. It not only bothers them but also makes them unsocial, which could lead to biting tendencies.

3. Expose Your Dog to a Variety of Situations

Pet dogs are especially not used to various situations as they mostly stay at home. By putting them in a variety of situations, pet dogs will become more aware of different situations. Sometimes loud sounds, crowds, etc., scare them. This is a time when they feel unprotected and may bite if anyone comes near them. Exposing your dog to various conditions will reduce the biting tendency.

4. Remove Your Dog Before Things Get Out of Control

Sometimes dogs do not like being familiar with a specific person or condition. They might not like some unknown situations or persons as per their choice or instinct. Being a pet parent, you will learn if your pet doesn't like a certain situation—you will know because they may bark or act aggressively. In such situations, keeping your dog away from that place is better, and it will save you and other people.

5. Do Not Give Physical Punishment

Dogs are faithful and also sometimes naughty. They often do wrong deeds, which may increase your temper. Often owners punish their pets physically or aggressively. But it harms the dog's mental condition. Instead of physical punishment, you can teach them politely. You have to praise their good work so that they feel positive every time.

6. Keep Your Dog on a Leash or in a Fenced Area

If you recently got a new dog as a pet, you should keep your pet on a leash or in a fenced area while you learn about their behaviors. Then you can start to train them so they are faithful to you. Only then should you take your pet to an open space.

7. Teach Your Dog About Human Skin

Dogs like to bite any hard things which they get near. So teach them about human skin. Your pet should understand that their sharp teeth are not suitable for human skin and must be more gentle.

Understand Why Dogs Bite

As mentioned earlier, dogs do not bite unless they feel unsafe or threatened. You should be aware of times or situations when your dog might feel like biting, then work to avoid those situations, or help your dog feel safe.

1. When Dogs Get an Unfamiliar Touch

Dogs often get confused when encountering unfamiliar touch, and it mostly happens with the pet dog rather than the street dog. As street dogs are used to the unknown touch, they are usually not aggressive. When dogs face strange or unfamiliar touch, they feel unsafe and tend to bite the person.

2. When Dogs Are Disturbed During Eating, Sleeping or Caring for Puppies

Dogs do not like being disturbed while eating, sleeping or caring for their puppies, and they especially like to concentrate on their food. When they feel irritated during those certain situations, they bite to get relief.

3. When Dogs Are Injured, They Can Be Aggressive

Like humans, dogs also do not feel well if disturbed when they are injured. If you can see that a dog is injured or not well, it is better to keep away from them.

4. When Dogs Feel Unsafe

If a certain person seems like a predator to a dog and they do an activity that could harm the dog, the dog has a higher chance of biting. Their sharp teeth are their only weapon of protection so they use that weapon during unsafe situations.

5. When Dogs Get Hurt in the Tail

Their tail is the most sensitive part of their body. Even if you accidentally hurt their tail, they will bite, as it feels very painful.

Safety Precautions For Dog Biting

1. Keep Your Dog Vaccinated

Dogs should get vaccinated with necessary vaccines like the Rabies vaccine and other anti-poisonous vaccines. If your dog bites anyone, it will not be toxic to the human body.

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2. Remain Still And Avoid Eye Contact When Cornered By a Dog

When suddenly you face any situation where a dog aims to attack you or you are cornered by a dog, stay still in your position. Also, avoid eye contact with the dog. When the dog gets diverted, he will go in another direction.

What To Do if a Dog Bites?

1. Wash the Injured Area

If, unfortunately, you get a dog bite, first clean the wound; otherwise, it could become more toxic. Clean it gently with soap or body gel.

2. Apply a Bandage on the Wound

To stop any blood and to protect the wounded area, apply a bandage.

3. Get Medical Treatment, If Needed

If needed, you must go to the hospital or a doctor to get proper medical treatment. You might have to take an injection or other medicines.


Every dog has their own nature and behavior; your dog's behavior in certain conditions may be different than around you. Also, dogs, that are not well mentally, could act differently; they can even be depressed. Dogs need proper care and treatment for a healthy life and dog lovers know their behavior well. They are social and loving animals.

As dog biting is a common phenomenon, you must be aware when it occurs and how to prevent it. You are responsible for your pet and could be liable for the bite. Make sure you take care of your dog to prevent them from biting.

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