Is Artificial Turf Good for Dogs?

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artificial turf for dogs
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Thinking about creating a lawn that both you and your dog will love? Artificial turf is a great alternative to real grass that comes with many benefits, especially for dog owners.

However, most people tend to stay clear of artificial grass as they have certain misconceptions about it being too expensive, hard to maintain and not looking like real grass. Those concerns couldn’t be further from the truth!

In this blog, we’ll be taking a close look at the safety and maintenance of artificial turf so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s the best option for you and your furry friend.

Is Artificial Turf Safe for Dogs?

Natural grass contains fertilizers, chemical pesticides, ticks, fleas and other parasites and bacteria that can easily enter your dog’s stomach when they chew on it. Plus, if any unruly grass awns or other dangerous weeds start growing, they can lead to many health hazards for your pup, including poisoning.

In comparison, artificial turf is perfect for dogs because it’s free of harmful chemicals, parasites, germs and weeds. It’s also very good for dogs who are susceptible to natural grass allergies which come with symptoms like crusty skin, bald spots, hives, diarrhea, runny nose, watery and red eyes, etc.

Another reason why artificial turf is safer than natural grass is that it’s mud-free. Even healthy, natural yards turn muddy after a bit of rain but synthetic lawns typically have built-in irrigation systems so water doesn’t pool up. Muddy yards and dogs are not a good match, as much as your pooch might love it. So avoid messy and disease-laden muddy yards and go for fake grass instead!

Is Artificial Turf Comfortable for Dogs?

artificial turf for dogs

Sebastian Coman Travel from Pexels

Most people think that their dogs will not be comfortable on artificial grass; however, this is not true. Your dog will likely need a few days to adjust to the new surface but training dogs to use artificial turf is an easy process. If you choose a high-quality, soft, artificial turf, your dog’s paws will be safe from cuts, abrasions and subsequent infections.

Is Artificial Turf Durable?

Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is a far better choice when it comes to durability. Most dogs like to play rough and dig up large patches and holes in your natural yard. Artificial turf lasts longer than real grass as it is far more resilient against sharp teeth and claws. Even bigger breeds are unable to chew, tear, dig, rip or destroy fake turf.

Moreover, pet waste cannot degrade the infill present to hold the fake grass in place, so the grass fibers will not disintegrate or discolor because of it.

Is Artificial Turf Difficult To Clean?

Not at all! Pet waste is easily visible on artificial grass and you can remove it with a hose. Of course, it is recommended that you pick up and dispose of solid waste before splashing the area with water or soap water. Properly installed artificial turf has excellent drainage properties and dries much faster than natural grass, so you won’t have to worry about it staying wet.

As for debris, dust and leaf litter, they can be easily removed using a stiff brush, plastic rake or leaf blower. Spot cleaning or a regular bi-weekly, cleaning can keep fake turf clean and odor-free for years to come.

Is Artificial Turf Expensive To Maintain?

People with natural yards spend thousands to maintain them and keep them pest-free. But the maintenance cost for fake grass is much less, as there is no need to mow, trim, fertilize or spray pesticides. Besides, since no water is needed to keep artificial turf healthy, you cut back on your water bill and conserve water.

Should You Invest in Artificial Turf?

Cost-effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe artificial turf. Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is a better alternative that will allow your dog to be more playful in a safer and mess-free way. However, it is important to buy high-quality grass and have it installed by professionals in order to take advantage of these benefits for years to come.

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