Know How to Litter Train Your Kitten Effectively

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kitten litter training

Are you fond of kittens? Do you have some of them in your home or neighborhood? Or do you have a kitten as your pet? Keeping kittens as pets is quite common. Though dogs are considered a more loyal and responsible pet, kittens also are a very common choice. Like a dog, you also must take care of a kitten.

Complete care includes providing quality food, sanitization, affection and most importantly, littering. Like any other pet, kitten also needs proper training to learn how to use trays dedicated for them.

What Does the Kitten Need to Learn?

One issue arises when you bring a kitten to your home: managing urination. But pets can learn if you give them enough time to help them learn. So, as a pet owner, you need to arrange for multiple litter boxes and place them in different corners of your home. A kitten cannot discover them and figure it out quickly, so they are likely to urinate anywhere as they are learning. However, you should refrain from being cruel to them.

Also, you need to ensure that the space is cleaned well and has no smell. If the smell continues to exist, your kitten will not return to that place again for urination. You also need to know about some basic care practices for kittens before deciding to keep them in your home. Newborns and very small kittens cannot always control their urine. So, if your kitten is very small, you must be more careful.

Steps to Follow when Litter Training Your Kitten

Automatic cat litter changer

You need to understand your kitten first for such training. You must know about the invisible pet fence, which is used to keep your pet within a safe zone. Besides their physical safety, they also must learn to use a proper litter system. Urinating at the right place is hygienic at the same time and helpful for the pet owner as well. Some of the important steps you need to follow for this training are-

Make your kitten aware of the litter boxes that you place in different secluded corners of your home. You should understand that kittens prefer to urinate in a calm area, far from others and noise.

Kittens cannot always control the need to urinate, so you should place multiple trays to help them remember the places at their convenience for urinating.

Ensure that the location of the litter box is the only suitable place your kitten can access urinate. They should not find any other secluded corners as a convenient substitute to the litter box.

You need to know and look for communication signals that your kitten is looking to pee. If your kitten is hiding behind the sofa or sniffing the ground frequently, it might be looking for a place to pee.

You need to place your kitten near or inside of the litter box several times to help it understand and remember the place. Some may take longer to learn and remember, and others may catch on after a day’s practice.

Make the box or tray easily accessible and visible for your kitten. Otherwise, it may find other places.

To ensure that the kitten understands the importance of this good practice, you should reward your kitten for the first few times and give praise every time it uses the litter box correctly.

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