Lionhead Rabbits as Pets: The Complete Care Guide

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lionhead rabbits pets complete care guide
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Lionhead rabbits can be incredibly social, playful and friendly. They are perfect for any beginner, including children. These pets have compact, small bodies with well-developed muzzles and distinctive manes. Also, lionhead rabbits come in a variety of colors, including lilac, chocolate, black and blue.

One thing to look forward to about these rabbits is their easy care process. Are you planning on having the lionhead rabbit as a new pet in your household? Well, here is a complete care guide for you.

Are Lionhead Rabbits Good Pets?

As stated above, lionheads have a social, playful and friendly temperament. Also, the rabbits are energetic, good-natured, smart and enjoy petting and cuddling. Their nature makes them good pets for anyone. Furthermore, lionheads can be quiet and will not take up a big space in your home.

In some cases, these adorable pets can be skittish. When they are skittish, they will not bite, but they can scratch. Thus, before handling your pet, make sure to observe their behavior. One vital thing to note is that their friendly nature will require you to keep more than one lionhead rabbit. Meeting the social needs of your pet is incredibly vital for their health.

Can Lionhead Rabbits Live Outside?

A lionhead can live both in an indoor and outdoor enclosure. However, outdoor enclosures increase the chances of your pet's exposure to predators like raccoons, dogs and coyotes. Also, you risk exposing them to harsh weather conditions like rain, snow and sunshine.

Constant exposure to harsh weather conditions is not ideal for your pets' health. Therefore, even though lionheads can live outside, placing them in outdoor enclosures is not recommended. However, you can consider providing them with a secure outdoor environment where they can enjoy and explore the outdoors, only for a specific time.

When taking your pet outside to play, keep in mind the weather conditions and security level available. Two of the best secure outdoor enclosures for rabbits include the TRIXIE Natura Flat Roof Outdoor Rabbit Run or Kerbl Zinc Plated Outdoor Enclosure with Door.

How Big Do Lionhead Rabbits Get?

The lionhead rabbit size is relatively smaller compared to other rabbit species. On average, an adult lionhead rabbit can grow 8–10 inches in length and weigh less than four pounds. Also, their mane is about two to three inches long, while their ears grow incredibly long, about two to three inches.

Ultimately, to ensure your lionheads grow to their full size, provide them with the necessary care. Lionhead rabbit care involves paying attention to their diet, housing, grooming and disease prevention.

How Long Does a Lionhead Rabbit Live?

The average lionhead rabbit lifespan ranges between 7 to 10 years. This long life ensures you can form an incredible bond with your pet. It is perfect enough that you or your child do not have to worry about their future demise.

However, their long life will solely depend on the care you provide your pet. Remember, the longer a lionhead lives, the better the care.

How To Care for a Lionhead Rabbit?

A full-grown lionhead rabbit and its juveniles require ultimate care to be happy and grow healthy. Here are some tips on how to care for your rabbits:


rabbit hutch

An essential element of the lionhead rabbit cage is space. Even though this animal is small, it can be very active. Thus, you need to provide enough space for your pet to burn off their excess energy. The general rule for small-sized rabbits is a cage of at least 18 by 24 inches.

However, for the lionhead, the bigger the enclosure, the better. Remember to increase the cage size with the number of rabbits you have. Also, make sure the bottom of the cage is plastic or wood and not wire, as a wire bottom can hurt your pet's feet. Some of the best, commercially-available housing include the Aivituvin 39-in Indoor & Outdoor Wheeled Rabbit Cage and Frisco Wire Small Pet House Shaped Cage.

Within the cage, provide toys, food and water dishes. You can include solid-floor ramps and tunnels for the lionheads to exercise. Make sure that your pet has enough room to stretch their hind legs.


rabbit grooming tool

The lionhead rabbits are either double or single-maned. The double-mane rabbit has more fur than the single-mane species. This means that it requires more grooming. Generally, rabbits can groom themselves; however, brushing is necessary.

Brushing out the fur prevents your pet from ingesting them. Fur ingesting can lead to a blocked digestive system.

Experts recommend that you groom a lionhead rabbit after every one or two days. Also, note that your pet will shred more fur during fall and spring. Thus, consider adding regular brushing to your schedule during those months.

Disease prevention

A lionhead rabbit is more prone to digestive disorders, respiratory tract diseases and dental problems. These health issues are more prevalent in flat-faced lionheads. Thus, make sure to keep regular vet appointments for lionhead disease prevention. Also, observe your pet for changes in behavior, like a reduced appetite.

Substrate requirements

rabbit pellets

The floor of the cage should be non-slip. Add in some straw for the lionhead to nest in. Also, consider washable carpeting which has the softness that the rabbit requires. In the litter box, use only dye-free paper litter. One of the best commercially-available litter papers you can use is the So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter. Make sure to clean the litter box daily and scrub every corner of the enclosure weekly using mild soap and water.

What Do Lionhead Rabbits Eat?

chewy rabbit pellets

Lionhead rabbits are herbivores; they share similar dietary requirements as other rabbits. Thus, the lionhead rabbit diet comprises unlimited grass hay plus water. Make sure that your pet always has access to hay.

Also, consider serving the rabbits a moderate amount of fresh veggies, like carrots, herbs and lettuce. You can give your pets these veggies at least twice a day and make sure to remove any uneaten foods from the cage.

In addition, you can supplement your lionhead's diet with rabbit pellets, such as Sweet Meadow Farm Rabbit Pellets Premium. Make sure to offer the rabbit pellets in small quantities only.

Final Remarks

Caring for a lionhead rabbit pet is very easy. As you can see from above, you only need to provide secure and suitable housing, proper nutrition, good grooming and suitable substrate requirements. Also, make sure to visit the vet regularly to prevent diseases.

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lionhead rabbits pets complete care guide

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