The Ideal Habitat for Emerald Tree Boas

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Emerald tree boa constrictor snake coiled around a branch

Emerald tree boas are beautiful, green snakes from the Amazon region. They do well in captivity if you take care of them properly, with plenty of humidity, warmth and a good feeding schedule. Here’s what to know about emerald tree boas.

How big of tank/enclosure does an emerald tree boa need?

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The emerald boa grows up to six feet long, so you need a good-sized terrarium, at least 36 inches long, 24 inches wide and 28 inches high. You want to be able to provide perches and a temperature gradient. One end of the terrarium should be warmer than the other, to allow the snake to adjust its own heat as needed. Some experts recommend wood instead of a glass terrarium, because glass does not retain heat. Emerald tree boas prefer to move through their habitat horizontally, so you won’t need much height.

How do you take care of an emerald tree boa?

Emerald tree boas naturally live in a tropical rain forest. They thrive under a warm and humid environment. You don’t want it so humid that the water condenses on the sides of the terrarium, but you want a humidity level of about 60% to 70%. An automatic mister can help keep the atmosphere moist in case you forget. But you should also keep a filled water bowl on a small perch so your boa always has access to water.

Do emerald tree boas need heat?

Emerald tree boas prefer their terrarium temperature to be in the 80s in the daytime. Nighttime temperatures can drop into the mid-70s. An emerald tree boa doesn’t like to spend time on the ground. You will want at least one basking spot that’s temperature reaches no higher than 87 degrees Fahrenheit. A basking bulb or ceramic heat emitter are recommended.

What does an emerald tree boa eat?

Emerald Tree Boa coiled around a branch

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Emerald tree boas can easily be overfed, since they don’t eat that often. They do like to hunt, except when in shed. Female and male adults can eat a small rat every two to three weeks, while males can go a little longer between feedings to stay lean. Emerald tree boas only defecate every three weeks or so, which also affects their feeding schedule. Feed an emerald tree boa two to three meals (spaced out every two to three weeks), then wait for the snake to defecate before feeding them again. It’s a good idea not to handle the snake for a few hours before feeding and then wait up to 24 to 48 hours after feeding to handle them.

How should you handle an emerald tree boa?

Emerald tree boas typically do not like being handled. You shouldn’t grab or pull an emerald tree boa out of its perch, because it can damage its tail. However, the Amazon Basin emerald tree boas are gentle and pretty easygoing, so even beginners can be successful at learning to handle their pet.

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