The Suprising Benefits of Walking Your Dog

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Happy National Walk Your Dog Week! Every year for the first seven days of October, dog owners from around the country are getting out of the house and taking their furry friend on an adventure in support of showing other dog owners the importance of canine exercise!

Why Walk your Dog?

There are so many benefits of going on a walk!

  • Mental stimulation
  • Morale boast for both pet and owner
  • Good for everyone’s health
  • Socializes your dog
  • Increases training time
  • Allows for more bonding between dog and owner
  • Your dog is able to release energy
  • Potty breaks!

Going on a walk serves as great exercise for both pup and person. Especially during times of prolonged quarantine or working from home, getting out of the house can be a great mental recharge for more than just the dog.

How Often to Walk

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The length and amount of times a dog should be walked everyday depends on a number of factors.

If a dog is able to go outside, use the restroom, and run around through the use of a doggie door, they will need less frequent walks than dogs who are limited to inside the home unless they are taken out on a leash.

Some breeds of dogs also need more time outside. For example, Border Collies have more energy than Bulldogs and will need more walks and potentially longer walks, as well!

Your dog’s physical ability will also help determine this! Unhealthy or overweight dogs will need shorter walks than dogs that are more physically fit. Check out this article to learn more!

Tips for a Great Walk!

Not every dog is the movie perfect walking partner (you should see Cody when he sees a squirrel)! Here are some of our top tips to get a better walk.

  • Do not use a retractable leash
  • Use rewards for good behavior
  • Let them sniff around!
  • Know your dog’s physical limits
  • Don’t rush potty breaks
  • Do not yank on the leash
  • Switch up the routes
  • Set a routine
  • Keep their focus on you when distractions are around

If your pup is still not behaving while on a walk, consider taking obedience lessons or hiring a trainer. Going on walks can be even more enjoyable with a well behaved dog.

Walk the Walk

Don’t just stop here! Even when national walk your dog week is over, keep the adventures going! Check out a new hiking spot or visit a dog park to give your dog even more time out of the house and enjoying the world around them. Don’t think of walking the dog as a chore that has to be done. Think of it as bonding time with your furry best friend!

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