The Top 10 Most Popular Platy Fish Types

Author: Leslie Davis | November 28, 2022
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Most Popular Platy Fish Types
Photo by Juan Carlos Palau Diaz on Pixabay

If you’re looking to fill your home aquarium with colorful and peaceful fish, platy fish might be for you! Native to Mexico and Central America, platy are freshwater fish that adapt easily to changes in water conditions and are calm by nature, making them the perfect pet fish for beginners. Due to extensive breeding, there are many kinds of platy fish available with a variety of colors, styles and patterns. From Mickey Mouse platy to rainbow platy, you’ll have lots of options to choose from to create your own beautiful home aquarium! Read on to learn about the top ten most popular platy fish types.

1. Mickey Mouse Platy

Calling all Disney fans! You might be thinking that there can’t really be a platy fish inspired by the famous mouse, but guess what? There is! Mickey Mouse platy, which are also known as the moonfish or Southern platy fish, get their name for the black marks made up of three circles at the base of their tails that form together to resemble Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse platy come in a variety of colors such as red, yellow and blue and make for a unique addition to your home aquarium.

2. Green Lantern Platy

Another fun and gorgeous type of platy are green lantern platys. These fish are iridescent and their scales shine silver, blue and green under aquarium lights, giving them their namesake. Green lantern platy can be harder to find because they are bred less, but their shimmering scales make it worth it!

3. Tuxedo Platy

Tuxedo platy get their name, as you might have guessed, from the tuxedo-like look of their bodies. Tuxedo platy come in a variety of different colors and variations such as red and yellow, sunburst and blue and their color runs across their whole body, They have a large black patch on the back of their bodies that makes it look like they’re ready for a black-tie event in their little tuxedos.

4. Sunset Platy

Also known as sunburst platy, sunset platy add beautiful color wherever they go. Sunset platy have bright yellow fronts and bright red backs with a smooth transition between colors that create the sunset look. They also have black fins which add a stunning contrast. There are several kinds of sunset or sunburst platy, including the Malibu sunset platy, which have a gorgeous, blue-orange coloring.

5. Panda Platy

Panda platy are a type of wagtail platy fish whose black and white printing make them resemble a panda. Panda platy have solid black fins and white bodies, but they can also have blue and pink coloring sometimes, too.

6. Rainbow Platy

If you want your home aquarium to resemble a rainbow, look no further than the rainbow platy! These fish have three or more iridescent colors across their bodies that shine in aquarium lighting, providing a rainbow effect. Rainbow platy can appear in lots of variations, with black tails, neon or even rainbow Mickey Mouse.

7. Bumblebee Platy

Add a splash of bright yellow to your tank with bumblee platy. These fish resemble bumblebees with their bright yellow bodies and black heads, and they sometimes have black spots along their upper body, too. Bumblebee platy are easy to care for and are some of the best starter fish for beginners.

8. Wagtail Platy

A very popular type of platy is the wagtail platy, or wag, for short. There are many different types and colors of wag platy, but all of them have dark black fins and tails, which create gorgeous contrasts with any color or variety. Red wag platy are one popular variation, which have bright and fiery red body coloring, and similarly, blue wag platy are popular, too. With their stunning neon blue bodies, neon blue wagtail platy are particularly popular among the wagtail platys as their bright coloring adds huge amounts of color and shimmer to every aquarium.

9. Dalmatian Platy

Look out for Cruella de Vil, she’ll want this type of platy all to herself! Dalmatian platy get their name for their close resemblance to the familiar dalmatian dog. Most dalmatian platy are white with black spots, like the dog, but they can also come in different colors like red or orange. This means they can be great for adding more color to your fish tank or as an eye-catching contrast.

10. Calico Platy

Finally, calico platy are another fun and popular type of platy fish. Calico platy come in many colors including red, blue and green, but they all have black-spotted tails and black spotting that continues up the whole body, but lessens as it goes. One rare version of this type is the neon gold calico platy. These fish have orange/gold bodies with calico spotting that gives them a koi-like appearance.

Most Popular Platy Fish Types

Aqe on Pixabay

So, whether you want a tank full of colorful or strikingly patterned fish, platy fish are truly a great choice. This list of ten only scrapes the surface of the types of platy available, which means you have lots of options and choices. No matter what your ideal aquarium looks like, platy fish will make a great addition. Which are your favorite?

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Most Popular Platy Fish Types

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