The Top Ten Best and Most Common Pet Snakes

Author: Kasen Casper | January 06, 2023
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ten best pest snakes
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There are many different types of snakes; some are great as pets and others not so much. If you find a snake in the wild you should let it go and not keep it as a pet. This is because a wild snake is used to roaming free with endless space. They are not used to being contained in a tank and the lack of space will cause them a lot of stress. However, if you are thinking of owning a pet snake that wasn’t born in the wild, you’ll need to know a few things and I’m sure you have a few questions about snakes as pets. Snakes can be very docile and easy pets to own.

Are Snakes Good Pets?

This is a question commonly asked when looking for a new pet. Snakes may seem like a strange pet; however, they can be a stress relief and great companions for their owners. One of the greatest pros of having a pet snake is that unlike other pets they don’t need to be played with or taken on walks. They are also very quiet pets. The only noises that they make are the occasional tongue flick or the rustling from moving in their cage. Of course, you can also take your snake out and play with it, which benefits you by creating a more docile snake. But when we are looking at getting a pet, oftentimes, we are not just looking for the work that goes into having the pet; we also look at whether or not it is a safe pet to own.

Snakes may not seem like the safest pet; however, Democrat & Chronicle states, “New York state does limit the size of acceptable pet snakes at 10 feet. Additionally, only certified herpetological professionals can own venomous snakes, so the risk of lasting damage from those tiny teeth is slim.” This may not be your state, but it is important to know your state laws on owning a venomous snake. Most states won’t allow just anyone to have a venomous snake, which means that many safety concerns aren’t as important, since the type of snake you will likely own is not venomous.

Of course, it is still important to note that while pet snakes do not need a lot of room, having one does require some work to ensure they are happy and healthy. Many snakes need a specific humidity, temperature, dugouts and decorations to make them feel at home and safe. There is a lot of information and tips on the Reptiles page that can help you learn about your specific snake’s needs.

Top ten best pet snakes

Harvey Boyd on Pixabay

Why Do We Have Snakes As Pets?

Of course, it’s strange to choose as a pet, a reptile that we often see as dangerous. Many people who own a pet snake have them because of the ease of their day-to-day care, their uniqueness and the practicality of their size. Many also have pet snakes because they are compatible with our modern lifestyle. This is because they only need to be fed about once a week, depending on their size. Traveling and working full-time is no issue when you have a pet snake.

They are also cool and different pets to have, which can lead to many interesting conversations with friends and strangers alike. We all strive to be unique and to have something about us that stands out. Many people choose to stand out by the pets that they own and what better way to do this than by owning a pet snake? But then that begs the question of which type of snake is best.

top ten best pet snakes

Haim Charbit on Pixabay

What Is the Best Snake To Have as a Pet?

Two pet snake breeds are very popular to own: Boas and Pythons. However, depending on the breed of boas and pythons, they can get to be a little too big to own and keep contained. The top three suggested breeds to own are ball pythons, king snakes and corn snakes. These snakes are a good option because they are relatively small in size. This means that you will only need to feed them about once every two weeks and their container is more suitable for the average living condition.

Below is a list of ten snake breeds that are considered the best to own. You’ll probably notice that this list has a lot of different types of pythons. This is because pythons are considered to be one of the best-looking snakes to own. However, they are often the hardest of the snakes to take care for and maintain. This is largely due to the difference in their native environment; they typically come from a humid climate and they often need a large enclosure.

  1. Children’s Python
  2. Carpet Python
  3. Gopher Snake
  4. Milk Snake
  5. Garter Snake
  6. Rosy Boa
  7. Western Hognose Snake
  8. Ball Python
  9. California Kingsnake
  10. Corn Snake

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ten best pest snakes

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