Top 8 Dog Training Tools for Every Dog Owner

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Dogs are innocent and loveable creatures. These furry friends can become obedient and learn discipline through training. Though a new pup in the house can create a mess, patience and consistent training will make him a good pet.

If you are new to dog ownership, you must be wondering about what’s required for training. Getting some essentials is important for a smooth training process and you can buy these training items online. But what items are needed and how do they help us train a dog?

1. Ensure Safety Through a Dog Collar

gps tracker dog collar

Safety is the prime responsibility of every dog owner. You can attach a dog’s ID to a dog collar that you should use when you are taking him outside. Otherwise, if the little one gets lost, no one will know how to locate his owner.

The collar also provides an option for the leash, so you can easily take him for a walk. Or, you can hold the dog directly in case your adorable pet gets tired or into danger.

Thankfully, smart collars are now easily available too. These collars come with a GPS tracker and are safer compared to the traditional collars. Read halo dog collar reviews 2022 to get more insights about these collars.

Other well-known dog collars include chain slip collars, martingale collars, head collars, metal prong collars, etc.

2. Buy a Good Quality Leash

retractable dog leash

We all know the importance of a leash. Make sure to buy one of high quality. Leashes made from poor material can cause rashes and may cause injury.

If it’s the first week with your dog, immense protection is required. You can buy a small, 6-inch leash to take him for a walk.

Also, note that retractable leashes are not ideal. They provide low-level tension and can hurt the dog too. If you feel any pulling issues, change the leash right away.

3. Give Freedom With a Long Leash

A long leash is also known as a long line. As the name suggests, the leash is very long and can go up to 100 feet. Dogs love freedom, but we often hesitate to let our untrained dogs roam unattended.

Do not worry—buy a long leash and give your pet free reign. Your kennel friend will love to feel the off-leash movements. He will play here and there and move freely in whatever way he wants. At the same time, you can safely monitor and protect him.

4. Stay Organized With a Treat Pouch

Like humans, dogs also need motivation in training. Cheer them up and boost their motivational level through treats. But word to the wise, dog owners should refrain from keeping these treats in their pant pockets—they are stinky and moist. You can purchase a small treat bag that you don’t even need to hold. It comes with a belt you can conveniently wear on your waistline.

In this way, wherever your dog is, you can show your appreciation for his great behavior.

5. Keep Some Good Treats

Since you have a treat pouch, you must be wondering what treats to buy. Though dogs love a variety of treats, you need to buy treats that are convenient during training and since you’ll most likely be outdoors, small treats are also ideal.  Try to also buy moist treats as they are easy to digest. Your dog will take a lot of time to chew the crunchy items, which might irritate you. Besides this, try to buy the stinky ones as dogs love stinky food.

Then at home, you can treat your loved ones with surprise toys, playtime and much more.

6. Use a Training Clicker

Some people might consider it unessential, but a clicker has tremendous benefits and can make the training process easier. If you press the clicker every time the dog performs well, it will produce a sound.  With time, the dog will associate this sound as a signal of appreciation. In fact, dogs enjoy their training process in this way.

However, the right use of the clicker is important. Press it at the exact moment of showing the reward. For instance, if you are teaching him how to sit and he sits perfectly, press it right away. If you press it after the dog gets up, he will no longer connect it with the sitting position.

7. Chew Toys

dog chew toy

Some dogs get disturbed during the initial days of training. To relieve this stress, they start chewing furniture and may even bite the owner’s hand.

You can give him some relief by providing chew toys. After some time, the dog will adapt to their new lifestyle, but your support is essential.

8. Show Directions With a Target Stick

Just like a clicker, a target stick is not basic training equipment. But, if you use it, training can become easier.

The stick comes with a ball at one end. Whenever you want to show some direction, point with the stick, like going upstairs or getting into the crate. It will make things easier to explain and the dog will learn instantly.

Wrapping It Up

In short, dog owners should make the necessary preparations before training a new dog. Items like clippers, chew toys, a leash, collar, treat bag and target stick can help a lot. They can reduce the time of training and let your kennel friend enjoy the experience.

Training a new pup is not difficult. All you need is to create a solid plan, purchase the right equipment and stay consistent.

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