What Are The Six Best Emotional Support Dogs?

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golden retriever standing on a rock
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Mental illness affects 1 in 5 adults in America. Emotional support animals are here to help and here’s list of the best dogs to help provide support and comfort.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds overall because of their friendly and easy-going personalities. They are known for their patience and excellent trainability. They are a loyal breed which means you will never have to be without them by your side. This makes them excellent emotional support animals because of their willingness to connect to their owners.

Yorkshire Terrier

emotional support dogs Yorkie sitting down

Fernanda Nuso from Unsplash

Yorkies are one of the top breeds when it comes to support and service animals. Landlords and some stores welcome terriers because of their small stature. They also are easy to travel with, which helps those who need their emotional support animal to accompany them on trips. They are very affectionate dogs who adapt well to change. This allows them to help when someone has panic attacks, creating the perfect emotional support animal.


emotional support dogs maltese

Flouffy from Unsplash

Maltese dogs are silky white, small dogs that love to cuddle. Their size also makes them great for apartment living. They tend to attach themselves to one person which makes them great support animals. Maltese dogs are also great at soothing their owners by always being by their side, making them a good option for those with anxiety. They also are a playful breed which makes them fun to be around and take on walks.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

emotional support dogs spaniel standing

Courtney Mihaka from Unsplash

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are known for their desire for companionship. They are loyal and love to always be with their owners. These dogs always create a great atmosphere for someone in need of an emotional supporter and they are great with families. They love to cuddle and are great motivators to get up in the morning.

Labrador Retriever

a labrador retriever walking

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The lovable Labrador is a wonderful choice for an emotional support animal. They have a laidback personality and are always happy. They are also easily trained because of their love of treats. They have a strong desire to please their owners and are great companions. Labradors also love to explore and will help you get out of the house. This makes them great companions for those with depression.


a corgi sitting

Fatty Corgi from Unsplash

Corgis are extremely intelligent dogs that make them excel in training. They are affectionate dogs that are great with families. They are best suited for people with depression because of their need to be active and they prefer to be outdoors and will keep you on your toes. Corgis have provided support to the Queen of England over the years. This shows their ability to support all ages.

Breeds To Avoid

While most dogs can take on the role of providing emotional support, there are some breeds that have a harder time fulfilling the role. Dogs who are more independent like Shiba Inu, huskies, and Pekingese struggle with providing the needed affection that emotional support owners are looking for. They aren’t the best choices when that form of affection is needed.

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golden retriever standing on a rock

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