What Happens If You Don’t Walk Your Dog?

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If you own a dog, then you are responsible for its mental and physical wellbeing. Dogs are extremely intelligent animals that require your time, love and attention. The adage that “Dogs are man’s best friend” can be traced back to the unconditional love they shower on you.

The complete reliance of dogs on their owners makes you responsible for their happy and healthy life. One of the responsibilities of owning a dog is to take them on regular walks. Dogs love to share activities with their owners which includes walking every day.

While it is true that once in a while you may be overwhelmed by work or you are sick and find it hard to take them out, if you don’t regularly take them for a walk, it can harm the physical and mental health of your dog.

Here is a list of seven negative impacts on your dog if you don’t take him/her out regularly for a walk.

Your dog will become lethargic

If you want your dog to stay healthy and happy, then you have to make sure they get regular exercise. Walking is a good form of exercise that will keep your furry friend in good shape.

If you don’t have a big backyard, then you can walk your dog on the sidewalks or in a park near your home.

Even if you are too busy with your life, you should find time to take a short walk with your dog to keep it happy. You can also hire professionals using dog walking apps to maintain that regularity.

They will get bored which leads to bad behavior

A dog can get easily bored which often leads them to bad behavior. For a dog, walking is great fun as they can explore the neighborhood or your backyard, which keeps them entertained. Any bad behavior can be traced back to frustration and boredom.

If your dog is bored because you are not walking them, and they have energy to burn, then your dog will find ways to amuse themselves. Now the problem is the things that amuse them may not amuse you (if your dog chews your boots or bites your pillows, etc.). Therefore, walking is a good way in which you can let them burn up their energy.

Not walking your dog is bad for your dog’s health

If your dog is living a sedentary life, you will find that they may become overweight over time. An overweight dog has a host of health problems. Even if you think that your dog is highly active inside your home, it is not enough.

Dogs require activity that will help them use their pent-up energy. Furthermore, you will find that a well-exercised dog also behaves better. Therefore, to avoid an overweight dog, you must regularly take them walking.

They are not able to become social

When you take your dog out for a walk, they will get an opportunity to see or even meet other dogs. If your dog is not trained to be social, then it is highly unlikely that it will be friendly to any strange dog.

When you walk your dog, then you allow them to know various acceptable ways in which they can socially interact with a new dog. Furthermore, it will also boost their confidence and they will be able to strike up new friendships with other dogs quite easily.

They do not get a chance to learn from their environment

Dogs are very curious animals and they relish exploring their surroundings. If they are stuck in your house all the time, they don’t get the chance to explore and will become bored.

When you walk along with your dog, then it allows them to see, hear and smell new things so they can learn more about their surrounding environment.

As your dog is dependent upon you to explore new sights, you should regularly take them on long walks in new places and explore new environments.

Not walking will affect their mental health

If you keep your dog confined to your home all the time, then it will mess up their mind. Your dog will be depressed and may also get stressed out over very little things.

Regular exercise is an essential way to keep your dog happy by allowing their body to release hormones that keep them in a happy state of mind.

You lost out on excellent training opportunities

Walking your dog gives you an excellent opportunity to train them. When you are walking your dog on a lead, then you can try out new commands like stay, sit and heel. Once your dog understands these commands and acts accordingly, then reward them by giving your dog treats.


You can walk your dog in the morning, afternoon or evening. What is needed is a regular timeline that will help your furry friend get adjusted to the walking schedule and get excited whenever that time comes.

Our dogs are completely dependent upon us and we must ensure that we take some of our time to repay them for all the love and affection they shower upon us. By walking with them daily, and keeping their health, both physical and mental, at an optimum level, they’ll stay healthy and happy.

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