What Is the Best Cage for a Canary

Author: Moses Mwangi | Reviewed by: Nancy George | October 20, 2022
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best canary cage
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Canaries are amongst the most popular pet birds in the U.S. The little birds are star singers with charming personalities that fill most homes with a sense of love and tranquility. You must ensure you get the most suitable cage when purchasing a canary for your home.

Choose a cage for your canary that is the most appropriate shape, size and material. Your canary bird cage should be spacious enough to allow the canary to fly around the cage freely, but portable enough that you can move and place it anywhere, which makes for a happy pet.

What Size of Cage Is Best for a Canary?

best canary cage

When it comes to bird cage ideas for canaries, the most critical feature is the size of the cage. Every pet bird needs secure and safe housing, especially where a big aviary is not available for the bird to fly freely. Most pet storekeepers and owners have the impression that a small bird needs a tiny cage. However, this is not the case because birds require enough space to exercise, play, explore and fly.

Canaries need a minimum cage size of 24 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches. The cage should have a 1/4 to 1/2-inch bar spacing.

In addition, the width of a cage for a pair of canaries should be at least three times their combined wingspan. Similarly, the length should allow at least two wing flaps between perches. The perches should be far enough from the edges of the cage to allow the pets to move and turn around on the perches without scraping their tail feathers against the cage.

When it comes to the height of the cage, ensure it is three times the length of your biggest canary; measure your pet from the top of their head to the tip of their tail. Also, consider the tray’s height on the bottom, since canaries are not different from any other seed-eating bird.

What Is the Best Cage for a Canary?

To ensure your pet is healthy, safe and happy, choose an appropriate and best-quality cage for your canary pets. Here are the best cages you can purchase for your little friends.

best canary cage

1. Hendryx Square Roof Canary Cage

The Hendryx square roof canary cage is a square-shaped cage with adequate features that allow your pet to stay healthy while flying around. It is placeable in any aviary setup or cage setup.

The square roof canary cage is made with powder-coated steel wires to enhance the product’s durability. It has the right spacing between wires to allow your canary pet to live comfortably. It’s also portable with two carrying handles to allow you to easily carry it around your aviary or room. The plastic base comprises a debris tray that is easy to remove to clean the waste.

In addition, this cage is a great size, perfect for a canary bird; 25 inches by 21 inches by 29 1/2 inches.

best canary cage

2. Round Bird Cage

The round-shaped cage is perfect for small birds such as cockatiels, finches, parakeets and canaries. The cage is usually white and is 13 inches in diameter by 24 inches in height. One striking feature of a round bird cage is that it comprises a bird-safe coated finish; this is an extra advantage to bird owners since canaries are easily affected by strong scents.

In addition, the cage comprises 3/8-inch wire spacing, making it perfect for keeping small birds intact. It has a removable metal grate and tray, making cleaning less complicated. Also, round bird cages have a big slide-up door and wooden swing that keeps your bird busy.

The round bird cage also includes two feeder dishes for your pet. If you struggle to put the cage together, consider starting with the centerpiece first, then attach the white part at the base to the centerpiece. It may take several attempts before fitting in place, but with some turning, it will fall into place.

best canary cage

3. Hagen Vision Bird Cage

The Hagen Vision bird cage is a great product in the right shape, size and material. It’s a non-invasive bird hutch ideal for canaries. The cage features two levels and you can detach it from the base for easier cleaning.

The cage also allows you to place water and seeds without disturbing your bird. Its size—16 inches by 25 inches by 21 inches—makes it easy to handle and carry.

The plastic-made, wired cage has the right spacing, multiple grip perches and double doors. It also has multiple options for food trays and various products like toys. The cage has a good, sturdy base that won’t mess up your room if you move it there. With its unique and deep-base design, your pet’s waste and seeds remain at the bottom of the cage.

4. Petco Scallop Top Cage

This cage is ideal for beginners and veteran bird owners due to the ease of cleaning and assembling. It comes in an appealing color and is suitable for all spaces. The average-sized cage can keep two adult birds and ensures your pets are comfortable within a suitable setting. The cage has two 1/2-inch wooden perches to allow your bird to rest. The bars are made of durable metal for extra protection and it can last for more than 20 years.


A safe, stimulating environment will undoubtedly keep your bird friend happy. Thus, ensure that the canary cage offers ample space and a healthy environment. Since canaries are energetic and vigorous and won’t mind interacting with your family regularly, ensure you get the best canary cage you can place anywhere you want.

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best canary cage

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