Where do you put a cat tower?

Terri Mitchell | March 25, 2021 | cat tower, cats
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pexels anete lusina cat tower sleeping1 scaled
Photo by pexels anete lusina cat tower sleeping1 scaled

Cats are curious by nature and enjoy exploring. Cat owners may consider cat towers or trees to encourage their feline friends to play and stay active. Some benefits of these pet products include:

  • Cat towers provide a cozy place for a cat to sleep.
  • Cat trees can save wear and tear on furniture.
  • Cat towers keeps indoor cats active.

Furthermore, regular play on a cat tower can help cats remove hair that they shed– while keeping it off furniture and other places owners don’t want it.

So, where is  a good place to put a cat tower? Here are a few things that pet owners should know before they buy:

Choosing a Cat Tower

Shoppers have many options when it comes to choosing cat trees and towers. It is a good rule of thumb to allow for two feet in height for each cat using it. Therefore, if there will be two cats sharing the tower, a minimum of a four-foot tree is required–or two separate two-foot trees.

Positioning the Tower

Now that you’ve picked the right cat tower, where should it be placed in the home? Think about the view that the pets will have from the tower. Also, consider the personality of the pet when positioning this new attraction. For shy pets, put it in a bedroom or area of the home without a lot of traffic. If using separate towers for multiple pets, it may be ideal to place the towers in different rooms to give each cat some personal space.

Acclimating a Cat

At first, cats may seem indifferent or disinterested in their cat tower. However, sprinkling some catnip on one of the levels can help entice them to look closer. Keep an eye on the pets around the tower initially to ensure they adjust to the height without incident or problem. Cats that are withdrawn or introverted may prefer towers with nooks and crannies to hide and nap, while adventurous extroverts may appreciate towers with toys and lots of levels.

Got a cat? Consider investing in a cat tower to keep them happy and healthy. Use these tips to find the right kind of cat tower, as well as to position it properly and help family pets acclimate to this fun new curiosity!

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