Wired vs. Wireless Dog Fence

Alison Gaynor | July 02, 2021 | dog fence
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As a pet owner, it can be stressful to have dogs running around the yard without a physical fence to keep them inside. Utilizing wireless or wired, electric dog fences may offer another choice.

Wired Dog Fence

A wired fence is perfect for pet owners who want a specific perimeter and a trustworthy boundary for the dogs. The wire is installed above or underground and is shaped to the specific, enclosed area for the dog.

Underground wired fences can take no more than a day’s elbow grease to install and offer the protection of a fence at a fraction of the cost of building a physical fence.

Above ground fences are easier to install and can be moved around when needed. When moving wired dog fences, ensure the dog is retrained on its new boundaries.

For both systems, a warning zone can be set up so that the dog recognizes a warning buzz or sound that will help enforce their training.

Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless fences offer many of the same features of a wired fence with even more benefits. The fence can be invisible—there is no need to bury wires or install the wires above ground. Wireless fences can be set up without even leaving the house.

Although some brands only offer a circular radius for roaming, others offer more diverse and customized options. However, be aware of brands that get interference from metal roofs. A wireless dog fence is more budget-friendly and can be reused at different locations.

Wired vs. Wireless Fence?

Needless to say, wireless fences have secured this win. With the right wireless fence, both owner and dog can be happy. The dog gets to roam and explore the yard and the owner has peace of mind that their dog is safe and sound within the designated boundaries.

Keeping Up With the Fence

Both wired and wireless systems require training and maintenance to ensure the dog understands the fence line and that the electric fence is fully functioning. Battery life of the collar should be monitored as well as any damages to wired fences.

Take care of the equipment and it will take care of the dog.

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