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Second only to dogs as the most sought-after pet, cats may be the most alluring pet on the planet. With cats, it’s hard to say who is the pet and who is the “owner!” As many cat lovers will readily admit, when it comes to push or shove, our cat friends have an uncanny ability to keep things going their way. But, for those who choose to share their space and lives with our cat friends, they’ll tell you that there is nothing better.

Cat Carrier Types As a cat owner, choosing the right cat bag is essential for various reasons, including picking up cats and occasional outings. However, with numerous styles available, some may not be as useful as they may seem. Therefore, the most crucial aspect to consider in the cat-raising process […]

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Litter boxes: to enclose or not to enclose? That is one of the most common questions of cat owners, whether they bring a new feline into their home or just want to change out their cats’ existing litter boxes. There are only a few physical differences in covered and uncovered […]

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Taking care of a kitten’s behavior can be fun and rewarding. Kittens are cute and fun, but they also have specific needs that require love, attention and proper care to grow up into healthy cats. Here are some tips to help you take care of your kitten’s behavior, whether it’s […]

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