Though less popular than cats or dogs, birds make fantastic pets. These social creatures are both playful and smart—some can even learn to talk! They won’t wake you up for a walk at the crack of dawn, either. Available in a wide variety of sizes and personalities, there’s just something special about caring for a feathered friend. After all, birds are the only pet who can learn tricks, talk to you, and take up just a birdcage-sized amount of space!

Welcoming birds into our homes comes with the responsibility of ensuring their safety and happiness. Aviaries offer an ideal way for our winged pals to relish the outdoors while staying protected. This comprehensive guide explores the essentials of building secure and stimulating aviaries without compromising on their well-being. Understanding the […]

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September 17, 2023

Yes, parrotlets are affectionate if given proper care. A common theme you’ll notice with these types of birds is that they love attention. The more time you can dedicate to your pet, the more affection and trust they will give you. Once you’ve gained a parrotlet’s trust, you can rest […]

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