Rabbits are small, fluffy, highly social mammals, which continue to put smiles on the faces of those who keep them as pets. Easy to care for and the perfect size for younger, first-time pet owners, rabbits are almost irresistible when first introduced at a pet store! Every rabbit owner would agree that these fluffy friends have “cuddle me” practically written on them!

While trying to keep your rabbits happy and healthy, it is important to know what food they should and shouldn’t eat. In the process of doing research on this, I came across a frequently asked question by many rabbit owners. The question, “Can rabbits eat gem lettuce?" Here is what […]

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Just as with all other pets, rabbits can benefit from regular grooming from their owners. Although these creatures don’t require regular haircuts like other pets, our research has shown that they do benefit greatly from regular brushing. However, we've learned that different breeds of rabbits may benefit from different types […]

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