What is it about fish and underwater creatures that we find so fascinating? Or should we say, what is it about them that isn’t fascinating? Everything about aquatic critters seems to captivate us—from the way they look to the way they move. You gotta admit, they’re a little mysterious… and even frightening at times. But whatever we might think about fish as pets, is there anything more relaxing then gazing intendedly at our fishy friends and just letting the world go by?

Angelfish are the perfect pet option for many home aquarists. These fish are well-known for their graceful gliding, bright colors and elegant appearance. They are easy to keep and are also ideal for beginners. For anyone who wishes to keep angelfish or learn more about the fish, this Q and […]

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Oscar fish are one of the most popular cichlids among both new and veteran fishkeepers alike. While there are over 2,000 varieties of cichlids found throughout tropical climates like South America and the Amazon River, Oscars are often the top pick. They’re frequently cross-bred to create new and unique varieties, […]

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If you currently keep or plan to keep tropical fish, chances are you will need to heat your aquarium. Tropical fish prefer a tank with a temperature between 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is typically above room temperature for most homes and offices. Without a tank heater, your fish […]

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