How much does it cost to travel with a dog?

Author: Melissa Thompson | April 04, 2024
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A common misconception about traveling is that you can’t do it that regularly if you have a dog, and the truth is, yes, you can do it but prepare to pay a bit more than usual. As pet owners, we cherish our companions and many times we want to include them in our adventures, whether it’s a road trip, a business trip, or an international vacation.

While certainly you can travel with your dog as much as you want you need to understand the costs associated with it, from higher transportation costs to pet-friendly hotels and hidden fees. Let’s break down the expenses.

For example purposes we will use a trip to New Zealand as an example, that way will be easier to calculate the different expenses and fees.

Health and Safety Costs

There are a few things that you take care of before going on your trip and one of them is insurance, most people overlook this and it’s one of the most crucial steps of traveling with a dog, make sure to get travel insurance for you and your dog.

For example, in this case, you should be looking for dog insurance in New Zealand, compare prices, and check the coverage. Keep in mind those are extra expenses and fees for your trip.

Entry Requirements

Depending on which country are you traveling to, you and your dog will face different requirements. Some countries will ask for a bunch of vet tests and others will ask for vaccines only and specific ways of transportation that will affect the amount of money you spend.

Also, you should check the list of dogs banned in New Zealand, for example before leaving your country. It’s just an example but many countries have banned dogs and other animals, make sure to check it out.

Transportation with Pets

When it comes to traveling with dogs, transportation is the second most important thing, here you need to always prioritize the comfort of your dog and understand the fees that may come with different options.

Air Travel

Flying with pets can be quite pricey. The fees for flying with your pet can vary a lot, most of the differences will depend on factors like which airline you choose, the size of your dog, how the dog is flying, and the place you’re headed to.

Airlines typically have fees for pet travel, and as you can see those can vary a lot, but generally, prices can range from $100 to $500 for each leg of the trip.

Car Travel

On the other hand, getting around by car, train, or bus can be a budget-friendly option, but keep in mind that transport options like buses or trains can be stressful for your dog.

If you're going on a road trip, or just renting a car at your destination you'll need to consider in the cost of gas and tolls. This is usually a better option for dogs.

Also, remember to get a reliable travel crate or harness to ensure your dog's safety while traveling in the car.

Accommodation Considerations

Next, you want to get the best possible accommodation for you and your dog. The thing is, pet-friendly accommodation usually costs more.

But, finding pet-friendly accommodations is crucial. Many hotels welcome pets but may charge additional fees. It’s important to research and compare options to find the best deal.

Also, remember that there are other lodging options, like pet sittings or home rentals.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

These hotels often charge a pet fee, which can range from $20 to $100 per night. Some luxury hotels even offer pet amenities like dog beds, treats, and play areas.

Vacation Rentals

The best option would be renting a pet-friendly vacation home or cabin. It can be cost-effective if you’re traveling with a group.

The rental fee for staying with a dog typically includes space for your dog to roam freely and prices range from $10 to $50.

Daily Care and Expenses

While traveling you’ll need to consider the expenses needed for your dog, and those include food, supplies, toys, and other amenities as well as unexpected vet visits.

Dog Food

When it comes to dog food, you should always pack enough for the trip, even if you are flying. Make sure to check out the airline regulations related to pet food.

Travel Essentials

Another thing you need to consider is investing in travel essentials like water bowls that are suitable for traveling, waste bags, and leash.

These small items add up but are essential for your dog’s well-being.

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