3 Ways To Pet-Proof Your Bathroom

Guest Author: Melissa Thompson | Reviewed by: Nancy George | May 11, 2023
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3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Bathroom

Pets are delightful! Even though they can be a handful—littering, scratching coffee tables, making noise—they’re companions that greatly contribute to our feelings of happiness, reduce stress and anxiety, and much more. They’re also our responsibility because they’re typically curious creatures that get into trouble left unsupervised. With numerous hazards, bathrooms in particular can be dangerous for pets.

So here are three ways to pet-proof your bathroom so that your loved one can be in your life for as long as possible.

Store Chemicals Safely

The composition of the majority of bathroom chemicals means that if they’re ingested, inhaled or sometimes even just touched by your pet, the effects include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and even death in extreme cases.

For example, your pet may be sensitive to the fumes from strong cleaning agents that can cause respiratory problems. Even medication or personal care items can cause problems if ingested.

Invest in childproof locks on cabinets and drawers and secure high shelves. Alternatively, you can take things a step further by replacing harmful cleaning agents with natural alternatives like lemon juice and toiletries with pet-friendly alternatives free of harsh chemicals.

Remove Choking Hazards

Another thing you want to watch out for and protect your pet from is choking hazards in the bathroom. Simple preventative measures are all it takes to stop a disaster.

Here’s how to take care of some of the most common bathroom choking hazards:

  • Store all small items—hair ties, bobby pins, dental floss—in an inaccessible drawer or cabinet.
  • Secure the toilet paper in a holder or out of reach so that your pet doesn’t eat it.
  • Avoid small decor choices like seashells or marbles that are easily breakable and ingested.
  • Tuck electrical cords for things like hair dryers, curling irons and kettles out of reach.

Install Barriers

Pets can be determined! You know your pet best and if you think serious measures are warranted, don’t doubt yourself. Instead, install barriers.

Here are some options:

  • Baby gate that blocks off an entire area. You want to pick a gate that’s tall enough to be effective and one that fits securely. You can also opt for a tension-mounted gate that does not require drilling or mounting hardware.
  • Door latches to block access altogether. Pick a latch that’s easy for you to operate but impossible for your pet to maneuver.
  • A DIY barrier using materials like PVC pipes and mesh netting. It’s a cost-effective solution if you make sure the barrier is sturdy enough to withstand your pet’s attempts to break through.

Taking care of your pet is a serious responsibility, but although it may seem daunting, there are plenty of simple ways to get started. For pet-proofing your bathrooms, replace or store harmful bathroom items properly, tuck away or remove choking hazards entirely and install barriers as an added measure.

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3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Bathroom

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