Cat Water Fountain: Keep Your Fur Buddies Hydrated

Guest Author: Asif | Reviewed by: Nancy George | September 08, 2023
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cat clean water fountain
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It is essential to have enough water, whether for humans or animals. Cats are the most delicate creatures on the planet and they need plenty of water to keep healthy and hydrated. Their bodies, like ours, are mainly water, with an 8-week-old kitten containing up to 75% water, which is the base where all body elements dissolve and all cell parts are preserved.

Because they do have a lower water thirst, this means cats do not feel the need to drink water frequently. This can cause bladder issues and urinary disorders in cats, such as renal disease and feline lower urinary tract disease. Dehydration can cause bladder inflammation, tumors, ruptured bladders and stones. You can use a cat water fountain to encourage your cat to drink water.

Why Use a Water Fountain?

cat clean water fountain

Cats are naturally drawn to running water sources, such as tap water, exhibiting the true nature of the entire cat family. They enjoy drinking the flowing water because it is cleaner than water that is not moving. A cat water fountain can encourage the cat to drink more often. A pet water fountain may often hold many water days and requires less refill than a water bowl. Most feature a carbon filter to clean the water, similar to what you might get in a water filter at home.

What To Consider When Buying a Water Fountain?

What Size Is Best?

It is important to first decide where you will install the fountain. After that, you can choose which size you want for the space. The cat should have easy access to the area. As a result, the cat is more likely to use the water fountain.

Choose a Filtered Fountain

Because tap water might include various bacteria, a water filter in the fountain is required to purify the water. Cats benefit from pure water intake, keeping them healthy and away from serious diseases.

Check the Noise of the Fountain

Another consideration when purchasing a fountain is that the motor be as quiet as possible. Because cats are particularly sensitive to noise, if the fountain creates a lot of sound, it is very likely that cats will avoid it.

Choose the Material Wisely

When it comes to the material, there are numerous alternatives. The fountain material might range from plastic to steel; nevertheless, the material must be bacteria-resistant and easy to clean. The finest material for a water fountain is stainless steel; or, if you want, you can also use plastic, which is easy to maintain and clean.

Benefits of Water Fountain

Provides Fresh Water

Water fountains are ideal because of their fresh water-releasing feature. These fountains release water only when needed. This can help keep the water clean and fresh, which reduces bacteria and provides healthy water to your furry fellows.

It's Convenient

Water fountains are made to help cat owners; it's simple to use and maintain. They are more like dishwashers for cleaning, which makes it simple to keep your pet in a healthy environment. One type of fountain is also automatic and has adjustable water flow features.

Improves Nutrition Uptake

Properly hydrated cats will benefit from good digestion, making it easy to break down and increase the absorption of more nutrients. Also, it will help in increasing the cat's saliva, which can aid in food digestion.

Keeps the Water Cool

Another significant advantage of most electric water fountains is that they keep the water cool during warm, sunny days. They also remove the unpleasant taste that might come from tap water.

How To Maintain a Cat Water Fountain

It's important to clean the fountain regularly. A clean fountain means clean water for the furry friends. The fountain needs to be cleaned at least once a week. Ensure you replace the fountain filters according to the instructions of the water fountain you purchase.

Some filters need to be replaced after two weeks and some need to be replaced after one to three months.

Steps To Clean the Fountain

  • Remove all water from the canals, then remove the main tank
  • To access the motor part, remove the main motor once the tank has been removed
  • Remove the front-facing panel of the motor and you'll be able to see the motor
  • After removing the motor's spinning unit, the next step is to clean the debris from the motor
  • Clean the fountain's other components as recommended
  • After cleaning, replace the filter and reattach the fountain

How To Train Your Cats To Drink From the Fountain

Cats are concerned creatures who are constantly curious about new things and locations. It takes some time for them to get used to new items and environments. You can do a few things to train your cats for the fountains.

Clean After Purchasing

Before presenting it to your cat, rinse it with soap soon after purchase to minimize the odor of the newly-obtained product.

Let the Fur Baby Investigate

Cats tend to investigate everything to ensure it is harmless and adaptable extensively. The fountain may be something completely new to the cat, with a fresh smell, so give them time to investigate.

Don't Eliminate Water Bowls

Maintain a few options as well; place bowls of water in different regions so the fountain can recognize the difference between ordinary bowl water and filtered fountain water when processing the fountain.

Reward Your Cat

Every time your cat drinks from the fountain, reward them with treats. This will encourage your cat to make additional attempts to drink from it.

Remove the Bowls

Keep track of how frequently the cat drinks from the water fountain. Move the water bowels if it has shifted to the fountain. Based on your cat's usage this will also help you determine how frequently you should replenish the tank.

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In short, our cat friends need to stay hydrated. Even though they might not show it, they need clean water to stay healthy. Introducing a cat water fountain helps a lot. Cats like running water and these fountains make them drink more. The water in these fountains is kept clean, which stops them from getting sick.

When picking a fountain, consider its size, noise and how it's built. These fountains have many benefits—they give fresh and cool water, improve digestion and are easy to maintain. A cat water fountain is more than just a new item; it's a way to help your cat live a happy and healthy life. So, get one for your furry friend and see them enjoy staying well.

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