How To Help Your Dog With Back Pain

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how help dog back pain

As a dog parent, it’s a roller coaster ride to figure out why your furry companion feels low or there is much silence. The happy face disappears because of the back pain. So, how to help a dog with back pain? 

Crying, shaking legs and sitting in a hunched position are the most noticeable symptoms of dogs suffering from pain. It might occur due to injuries, age, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and many more reasons.

Your little homie can suffer from mild to severe back pain, which leads to a lack of mobility. In addition, it might be chronic and temporary, so you need to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to resolve this health condition.

Ways You Can Help Your Dog With Back Pain

There are numerous reasons that cause severe back pain in your dog. But what are the soundest options you can use to relieve the back pain? It is best to contact your pet veterinarian for the best tricks and tweaks that magically resolve the issue.

Also, we mention the best ways you can try at home or which experts suggest to improve the pain and gradually relax your furry friend.

Light Therapy

To reduce back pain in dogs, most veterinarians use a combination of light therapy, laser therapy and infrared light. It boosts the blood flow circulation of the affected area or injured area. And if it’s a chronic or acute inflammation, it will get lower after applying light therapy.

light therapy

It’s a crazy combination that works magically from one side of light waves of red and infrared light, and on the other side, ultraviolet. Red light offers heat and long wavelengths, whereas ultraviolet gives a short, cooler vibe.

Both work as a team and spread apart to heal the area by syncing together. The wavelengths dig deep into the dog’s skin, tissue layers and muscles to boost healing. LED and LLLT lights are often used to cover larger spaces for long spines, to more external penetration into the skin.

Ultrasound Therapy

For most critical areas to relieve pain, this therapy works outstandingly. The ultrasound waves penetrate through the skin layers to produce heat radiation. It circulates blood flow, opening the blocked vessels and reducing back pain and inflammation.


If you don’t know hydrotherapy, here’s a quick explanation. It’s similar to physical therapy, which involves exercises and some slight workouts. It will release muscle stress and is a lot of fun for your little companion.

Why? These exercises are executed in the water which sounds fun! It creates less pressure on the dog’s joints and muscles without harm. It helps them regain strength and motion as water minimizes body weight.

Moreover, water can double the blood flow in the body while the dogs make every move. Creating extra oxygen through movements creates an inherently healing process.

Laser Therapy

laser therapy

Laser therapy has low levels, naturally stimulating the body’s healing properties without causing any harm. During the procedure, it targets the damaged cells to increase the blood flow and engage more healing oxygen.

The affected area enhances muscle function and the nervous system. This works as an anti-inflammatory to improve back pain. Also, it releases the stem cells by triggering healing compounds for a speedy recovery.



This one is an ancient, traditional, Chinese medicine healing practice that is applied to release pain. Chinese medication uncovers the mystery of pain and uses this treatment on dogs suffering from arthritis and joint pain.

Primarily joint pain can cause back pain, and dogs suffering from degenerative joint disease and hip dysplasia require acupuncture therapy to recover fast. Acupuncture improves energy flow and chi. This procedure is done by inserting needles into the body, specifically on the dog’s affected body parts.

Via channels or meridians, it connects to the multiple points for enhanced organs and all over the body system, circulating the energy, and blood flow, which reduces pain and stagnation.

Tui Na

This is a massage that is paired with acupuncture therapy. It is applied on specific body parts and regulates the whole channel to circulate blood flow and oxygen. It helps release back pain and treat stagnation.

It aids in increasing lymph and blood circulation for dogs. Your furry friend may lose their appetite and sleep because of back pain, but Tui Na maintains balance by promoting improved appetite and sound sleep.

Chinese Food or Herbal Therapy

Ample herbal therapy or food can enhance the chi blood and blood flow and release pain. Instead of regulating the body’s inherent resources, Chinese herbal ingredients boost and push the improvement for faster recovery.

Due to Chinese theory, bone weakness or density is connected to the kidneys. So, these herbal and foods ingredients are prescribed to boost kidney health, which naturally reduces spinal or bone problems.

Turmeric is an effective ingredient popular in Chinese food herbal theory for its anti-inflammatory compounds and boosted blood flow. Still, you must consult a veterinarian to know the quantity and technique to give this ingredient to your pet.

However, consulting veterinarians that specialize in herbal theory is best. No chance of endangerment by mixing the herbs for your dog or leading to an allergic reaction. According to the report, experts highly discourage filling dog food with pain-combat herbs or foods suggested online, without first consulting a veterinarian.

Weight Control and Management

Similar to humans, when your dog becomes overweight, this can lead to back pain or other health issues. You must monitor your dog’s weight because it could strain their back and overall health.

Discuss with your veterinarian weight loss methods to avoid pain and work to maintain the weight of your furry friend.

Regular, Controlled Exercise

The best solution for weight control is a refreshing, short walk for you and your dog. Physical activities are vital for dogs, and scheduling exercise can help relieve your dog’s pain.

Lack of movement can lead to back pain. But, an aggravating exercise plan might be better to avoid because it can worsen the pain or condition. The best solution is short walks that make your little friend happy and refreshed.

Mobile Assist

mobile assistant

Due to pain, dogs can’t move properly, so we must provide them with proper support. Assist items are available that aid in balancing your dog while walking or standing. If you’re not sure about these items, here’s some options.

Wheelchairs prevent your dog from straining their backs which can then lead to unwanted situations. A wheelchair works magically for overweight dogs, too. It holds the belly without harming your dog and eventually eases back pain.

Other tools that might help are back braces or supports to minimize the pain by compression. However, there is a catch—the brace must cater or support the shape of your dog’s body. As it compresses your dog’s back pain, make sure it supports the muscles and spine accurately.

Home Adjustments

You may need to make changes around the house for your dog’s health. A facilitative environment can aid in recovery and quickly ease back pain. Install carpets or rubber mats to prevent the chances of slipping.

The soft texture of the surface relaxes their little feet and gives them much-needed support while walking or lying down. And it’s better to move them to smaller rooms or crates where they can rest. Dogs should lie down, which will help their backs to heal faster. Smaller rooms cut the space for walking, but make sure you give them their favorite toy. This way, they won’t strain their back and will recover faster.

Planting ramps help them walk. But, it’s better to shift them where there are no stairs where they can climb up or down the stairs often.

What Are the Causes of Dog Back Pain?

Like humans, many things can cause back pain in dogs. And it might gradually get worse quickly, leading to surgery. However, numerous core reasons can lead to unbearable pain experiences for your loved one. So it is better to start treatment and soon as you notice your dog is in pain.

Ruptured Disc

While playing and jumping in excitement, your dog can hurt their spinal cord. If it ruptures, this will lead to unbearable pain. So you must be careful to notice if they are alright or need medical attention immediately.

If they get into warfare with other big dogs, that may also lead to spinal damage. If they seem alright afterwards, be sure to watch them. If their pain increases and your dog can’t handle it, they will show signs of distress.

Affects of Aging

As they age, their dog bones become weak, leading to back pain and other health issues. Vitamins and other supplements might help but don’t give them anything without consulting your veterinarian.

Suffering From Injuries

Bad landings while jumping or growling with another dog is the main reason for injuries. This puts extra pressure on the spine, causing it to rupture, which will introduce back pain. It’s best to take them to the veterinarian and to be safe, run some tests.

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

Dachshunds, pugs and corgis are most likely to develop IVDD due to their long spines. This disease is common in these breeds because of their DNA. This disease spreads rapidly, so if you find any signs of back pain in these breeds, you must take care of it quickly.


Symptoms of arthritis are stiffness, limping, weight gain and many more. Moreover, some leading signs are sleeping longer, being unwilling to walk and urinating in the house—red flags of developing arthritis. Also, other weak body parts and joints near the spine are likely to build pressure leading to back pain.

Inflammatory Disorders

IBD and canine distemper might be the biggest reason for back pain. Dogs might suffer from acute or chronic inflammation in several body parts, leading to back pain.

How To Acknowledge That a Dog Is Suffering From Back Pain

There are several indications that your dog is suffering from back pain. But, these little fellows may alarm you with their strange behaviors, so that’s why experts have suggested some of the following problematic behaviors that may indicate back pain.

If you notice any hunching position, this probably means your dog is experiencing back pain. If it seems your dog is dragging, limping or can’t maintain balance while walking, this also means back pain.

In addition, these little munchkins start crying or barking whenever someone touches their back, which leads to behavioral and mood changes. Noticing that a dog has shaking legs and muscle spasms are also back pain symptoms.

And if it is not treated early, the pain can jump into the second stage. Loss of appetite or noticeable marks of trauma, known as scratch marks or bruises, are the warning signs.

It’s best to contact your veterinarian and go through a proper diagnosis immediately. They might suggest physical and neurological examinations to locate the issue accordingly. In some cases, X-rays, CT and MRI scans can be done to spot the causes of back pain cause and then proceed with the diagnosis.

Bottom Line

Back pain can restrict your dog’s joy and living life to the fullest. So, if you find any indications or symptoms, such as crying or not wanting to walk, they might be suffering from back pain.

The faster you notice these signs, the better and faster recovery for them. Especially if your dog is aged or injured lately, they are at a higher risk of developing back pain. Discussing a treatment plan with your veterinarian is best.

However, if a pet owner neglects or ignores the symptoms of back pain, it might turn to the dark side. Most of the time, dogs’ condition worsens, and they might require surgery to treat them. This might require the veterinarian to remove the damaged disc to minimize the pressure on the spinal cord. And following the surgery, dogs must undergo rehabilitation and medical treatment therapy. It’s better to treat them quickly and get them back to their happy, lovable self.

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