Top 7 Easiest Dogs to Train

Author: Braden Smith | January 31, 2022
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Getting a dog is an exciting time for any owner. Then the realization hits that the dog must be trained. Whether it is an 8-week-old puppy or an older dog joining the family, the dog needs to be trained and fit into your lifestyle and preferences. It needs to know the house rules. Here is a list of the easiest dog breeds to train.

Labrador Retriever

These dogs are extremely loving and loyal. On top of that, they are a great starter dog for a new dog owner. If the right amount of time is put into their training, these dogs will amaze you at how smart they are and what they can learn.

German Shepherd

When most people picture a German Shepherd, they see them in a military or police vest. These dogs are trusted to go to war and chase down bad guys because once they are trained, they will not stray from that training. These dogs are also good family dogs. Once trained, they will do anything you teach them which might be guarding your home and yard.

Golden Retriever

You may have already noticed that some of the easiest dogs to train are also the most popular dogs to own. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Golden Retrievers are one of those breeds. Typically mild-mannered and affectionate, they were originally bred for waterfowl hunting which means they are smart and quick to pick up on training.


Poodles are great dogs if you’re interested in entering them in dog shows because of their trainability. Dog shows are not only about looks—judges will also evaluate and score dogs on how they obey and behave. To win the blue ribbon, a well-trained dog like a Poodle is needed which is why Poodles are a dog show favorite. Fun fact about Poodles— they were bred for hunting. This makes them extremely intelligent and trainable.

Rottweiler with Red Collar

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Some owners might be intimidated to train, let alone own a Rottweiler, because of their sheer size and strength, but don’t let that fool you. They are very loving breeds and can be very protective of their family. These dogs are always on a mission and they are practically begging to be trained.

Border Collie

Border Collies are known as one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. That is because they are such amazing work dogs. They have plenty of energy and are extremely obedient. If you ask them to run, they’ll run; if you tell them to stay, they’ll stay. Basically, if you give them plenty of time and attention, they will do whatever they’re told. Border Collies are trained to herd sheep, retrieve and compete in athletic competitions. If you’re a person who loves the outdoors, exercise and wants a trainable companion dog, look no further than the border collie.

Papillon in Open Field

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This toy breed is a great dog to train if you want them to sit on your lap and live inside, as well as go outside and run to their heart’s content. The Papillon, or “pap,” is known for its obedience. Once you put in the work and they know what is expected of them, you can be sure that they will listen and obey.

Every dog is different—some like to cuddle while others would rather keep to themselves. That has nothing to do with training. No matter the personality type of your dog, if you spend the time and energy to train them right, they will be a great addition to the family.

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