What Is the Best Kind of Bed for a Cat?

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Where does your cat sleep? If your cat is anything like mine, the answer is probably wherever they choose! You have a lot of options when it comes to cat beds for your feline family members; consider your cat’s current bed and the benefits of upgrading it to something better.

So, What Is the Best Bed for a Cat?

Cats can be finicky—the same bed is simply not going to work for every pet. Owners have a wide selection of cat beds to choose from at a variety of price points. Which one will you choose?

What kind of bed does your cat like best? Here are some of the best beds for cats that we have found:

Heated Beds

Cat thermo-pad
Who doesn’t want a heated bed? Your cat may enjoy one—particularly if you live in a chilly climate or if you have a senior cat. The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat is a great way to spoil your kitty and it is a convenient 12-by-25 inches, so it fits practically anywhere.

Cats can get aches and pains as they age, just like humans. A heated pet bed is an excellent way to provide your pet with pain relief and comfortable rest. This bed can be wiped clean and comes with electrical safety certification by MET Labs so you know it’s safe to use. Since you have to plug in this cat bed, make sure to position it where the cord won’t present a hazard or cause someone to fall.

Cave Beds

Cave beds are typically round which can help provide a sense of security to cats when they sleep. They are cozy, yet cool which is why the Armarkat makes this list. Cave beds provide protection for cats, too, and are far more than merely a bed. A cave bed is like giving your cat their own personal space—which many truly enjoy.

Bolster Beds

bolster cat bed

Bolster beds are a popular option for cats and dogs, alike. These are found in both round and square or rectangular shapes, and the higher sides of the bed can help make anxious pets feel secure. They also provide a nice incline for pets to rest their heads on.

Some industry experts report that a bolster pet bed can help alleviate stress in pets, such as when they are separated from their humans. It helps to keep them secure and snug. Bolster pet beds are generally light and easy to take along, so they make a good, all-around choice for a cat bed.

Additionally, these types of beds don’t collapse or fold like mats or other types of cat beds. They are sturdy and easy to clean with a damp cloth.


cat scratcher lounger

The distinction with cat loungers is that they are often elevated, either on legs or with fixtures that suspend the bed. For instance, cat hammocks could qualify as loungers due to the nature of how the cat sleeps and is positioned in the cat bed.

The PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge is a good bargain for cat owners as it has plenty of room for four or more cats. Furthermore, the added scratcher feature provides a bit of entertainment for kitties that like to scratch. With regular use, this scratcher has held up well for a year or more, which is the perfect lifespan of a cat’s bed. However, this bed may not be the best option for spaces that are small and cramped; a suspending lounger may be better suited.

Mats and Open Beds

Perhaps the most popular type of cat bed is a simple mat or open bed, which is also, coincidentally, the most affordable—usually around $10 or so.

For less than $20, you can treat your cat to Midwest’s QuietTime Deluxe Ombre Swirl, which is one of our favorite and best cat beds. This mat-style bed is durable and holds up well to cat scratches and claws. It is plush yet easy to clean, and can accommodate pets up to 25 pounds comfortably. The best thing about a mat or an open-style bed is the versatility. These can line a crate or be used in a car, and typically you can restuff them, too!

Do Cats Prefer Round or Square Beds?

This is a good question: which shape of bed do cats prefer? The truth is, you must observe your pet to determine their preferences by their behavior. The position that your cat takes when napping is a good guide for which kind of bed to buy. If your cat curls up in a ball to sleep, they likely will adapt to round pet beds best. If your cat stretches out widely, or if you are a multi-cat household, a square bed may make more sense for your home.

Another aspect to consider is the material the bed is made from. Buy beds that are made from natural, breathable fabrics that you can toss in the laundry, as needed. Cotton and wool are two viable options. Whenever possible, buy products that are made in the U.S.

Cats are funny; they have distinct personalities as well as preferences. Watch your cat’s behaviors to determine which bed they like best, that has the features you want, at a reasonable price point. Consider our suggestions and specific recommendations when shopping for your cat bed and don’t be afraid to try a couple of different options.

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