Are Parrotlets Good Pets?

Author: Emily Delgado | September 17, 2023
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parrotlets good bird pets
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Yes, parrotlets are affectionate if given proper care. A common theme you’ll notice with these types of birds is that they love attention. The more time you can dedicate to your pet, the more affection and trust they will give you.

Once you’ve gained a parrotlet's trust, you can rest assured that they’ll allow you to interact with them in a more intimate manner. Some bird owners have successfully trained their pet to comfortably sit in their shirt pocket, purse or scarf. Again, the pace at which the bond with your pet will grow depends on the time you dedicate to them. They are affectionate creatures by nature.

A good way to spend time with your bird is by sharing your food with them. Some healthy snacks to consider sharing include fruits and veggies. Eat a meal with your bird—quality time is important. Cuddle your bird before and after the meal so your pet associates mealtime with cuddling. This is a sure way to win their affection.

Are Parrotlets Aggressive?

The short answer—it depends. If you are considering getting a parrotlet, it’s important to understand they require attention. These types of birds require constant interaction to get them accustomed to their owners.

Parrotlets are known to become territorial of their cages if not interacted with daily. Some lash back at being ignored, which may include nipping, moodiness and aggressiveness.

If you’d like to have a pet parrotlet but don’t have enough time to interact with them daily, it is recommended you get two birds. But this is only advised if you don’t have time, because a pet is less likely to bond with their owner once they have a mate. Parrotlets like to bond with partners of the opposite sex. If you can take care of two birds, the only other advice we’d give is to be prepared for breeding and babies!

Another thing that might affect your bird’s aggressiveness is withholding affection. For example, the tone of voice with which you speak to your bird is crucial. Also, physically pushing your bird when they do something wrong can cause them to become aggressive.

Are Parrotlets Cuddly?

Yes, parrotlets can be cuddly depending on how their owner interacts with them. Baby birds are the best to teach and train to cuddle. Train your pet to cuddle by handling them gently on a daily basis. Take them out of their cage and rub their fur affectionately and softly. Nuzzle them with your chin carefully to teach your bird cuddling behavior. The more you play with, snuggle and hold your bird, the more accustomed they will become to this behavior.

Another way to ensure cuddling is normal behavior is to reward your bird every time they do cuddle. If you notice your bird is panicked every time you try to cuddle, don’t force it. Forcing a parrotlet to do something they aren’t comfortable with can cause aggressiveness. Instead, ease your bird into feeling comfortable with cuddling and being petted via the reward system.

Are Parrotlets Friendly?

Yes, parrotlets are friendly. It will be easy to grow a friendship with these kinds of birds. Not only can they learn words with enough repetition, but they learn to bond with their owner. Parrotlets learn to recognize who their owner is the more you interact with them. Once you’ve had your pet for a while, they’ll recognize you just by sight or sound.

A fun aspect of having a parrotlet is the words you can teach them. Over time, your pet learns their name, so it’s easy to get their attention. Much like a dog, they are easy to train and can learn commands, as well as tricks. For example, tricks like hanging upside down from an owner’s finger and so much more.

Are Parrotlets Good for Beginners?

Yes, parrotlets are a great first pet for both adults and elementary school-aged children. But remember, it’s important to be cautious of a bird who comes from an aggressive or neglected home. For beginners and small children alike, a baby bird is recommended because they will be able to build trust sooner.

Additionally, aside from the occasional cleaning of the cage, water and food, the other major point to having a parrotlet is making sure you dedicate enough time to them.

Are Parrotlets Noisy?

No, parrotlets are not noisy. Their interactive yet quiet demeanor makes them perfect for apartment owners. You won’t have to worry about noise complaints from your neighbors.

Parrotlets can only memorize certain words as opposed to parrots who might know more phrases. These types of birds also do not have a clear voice; when they do speak, you might notice they sound a bit like a robot squeak.

Are Parrotlets Good Pets?

The overall answer is yes, but their attitude is completely dependent on the type of owner they have. As we’ve mentioned above, time is an important factor with these types of birds. If you don’t have time to spend with them, make sure you get them a companion parrotlet. You also want to avoid raising your voice or hitting your bird as this may cause them to become aggressive towards you.

Parrotlets are great pets for people who want to socialize, teach their pets tricks and love cuddling. Their small stature makes them an easy-to-care-for choice.

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parrotlets good bird pets

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