Are Rabbits Easy to Care For?

Dustin Williams | March 30, 2021 | rabbit care
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Rabbits are fun, fuzzy, little creatures that are a joy to observe, but are rabbits easy to care for? Follow along as we detail the things you need to know before committing your life to a rabbit.

Living Space

Before running out to adopt a rabbit, it is important to prepare your space. Will your bunny live in a cage, or will they be a free-range bunny, allowed to hop about the house at will? For cage living, it is important to purchase something spacious, then add bedding, a litter box, food bowl and water container. It is also important for your bunny to have enough room for a quiet, secluded space for your rabbit to destress, when needed. This could be as simple as a small, cardboard box turned upside down with a door cut into it.

If your bunny is going to be free range, a litter box and small seclusion area are still needed. You also need to bunny proof your home by hiding all wires, blocking small spaces where your rabbit could possibly get stuck and moving anything you do not want chewed, out of your rabbit’s reach. Bunny proofing is necessary even if your rabbit’s home is a cage; you do not want to pose any danger to the rabbit during their supervised exercise time.

Enrichment Activities

Rabbits chew. A lot. So it’s important to give them appropriate things to chew, lest they assume that anything in their path is free game. A simple way to keep rabbits entertained is by allowing them access to chewable cardboard. Save your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls and let your rabbit go wild.

Food Supplies

The bottom of the rabbit food pyramid is fiber. They should always have access to hay, as it is the main staple of their diet. Other than hay, they also eat food pellets that can be purchased at any pet store. Rabbits also enjoy fruits and vegetables as a treat, but too much can upset their stomachs.


How long do rabbits live as pets? They can live up to 12 years, and within that time, you must be prepared to spend some money at the veterinarian. The first line of action is to have your rabbit spayed or neutered if the shelter or pet store has not already done so. You will need yearly check-ups, the occasional nail trim, and, if your rabbit does not chew on enough hard materials, an occasional trimming of the front teeth as well.


Rabbits are not the pet to get if you plan on traveling. They become extremely stressed when removed from their habitat. If you plan to travel, make sure to have a pet sitter who is familiar with rabbits lined up.

So are rabbits easy to care for? On one hand, yes; simply give them their food, enrichment toys, and some love and they will be happy—quite easy to care for. On the other hand, rabbits do require routine trips to the veterinarian and are not meant for someone who likes to travel a lot, which means a a rabbit may not be the pet for you.

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