Are Rabbits Easy to Care For?

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Rabbits are fuzzy, fun, social, and lovable creatures which require care. They make wonderful companions, especially individuals who take the time to learn about their needs. These terrific pets have a lifespan of about twelve years.

The trick to ensuring they live for that long is to cater to their specific care requirements. So, what are the care requirements for rabbits, and are they easy to care for? Read on to learn more.

How to care for a rabbit

Rabbits need their owners to adhere to strict rabbit care regimes for a healthy, happy, and long life. If you fail to meet these needs, you risk exposing your bunny to health issues like myxomatosis, overgrown teeth, snuffles, or calicivirus. Below is an overview of the pet rabbits care process:

1. Set up an appropriate living space

rabbit cage

The first step in the care of rabbits is to prepare an appropriate living space. One incredible thing about preparing the living area for your pet is that you have several options. You can either provide it with a free reign where it can hop around the house at will or consider a cage.

If you opt to go for a cage, make sure it is spacious enough to allow your rabbit room to play in or sit quietly while distressing. Some of the best cages you can consider are Midwest Wabbitat Rabbit Home and Kaytee My First Home Rabbit Starter Kit.

On the other hand, if you want your pet to have free reign, make sure to have a litter box in a secluded area. This litter box will give the rabbit a space to poop or pee.

2. Bunny-proof your home

Pet rabbits need adequate space to explore and run around. Therefore, ensure you provide them with a safe space to play by bunny-proofing your house. Ensure you block small holes where your pet can get stuck, hide all wires, and move anything you do not want your pet to chew. Bunny-proofing your home will protect your pet from any accidents while protecting your belongings from damage.

3. Understand your rabbit’s behavior

Caring for a rabbit is different from caring for a dog or cat. If you want to live a long and happy life with your pets, try understanding their unique behaviors. Learning their behaviors will help you build trust and a good relationship.

4. Go for regular checkups

Rabbits have a habit of hiding illness, so you need to book regular checkups to keep up with their overall health. Also, observe their peeing, pooping, drinking, and eating behaviors. If you notice any abnormality in your bunny, visit your vet asap.

Are rabbits easy to take care of

Pet rabbit care is not very easy, as rabbits require more attention and care than dogs and cats do. You must follow very strict care requirements if you intend to keep rabbits as pets. Rabbits have specific needs when it comes to their food, handling, housing, and stimulating and interesting activities to do. This strict care requirement makes them not great first pets, especially for children. Therefore, before you begin keeping these pets, carefully research how to care for them.

What do rabbits need in their cage?

The best rabbit cage should have everything your bunny needs to be happy and healthy. One thing to note is that a rabbit’s cage should have enough room to exercise. Apart from enough space, below are other necessary things to have in your bunny’s cage.

Natural bedding

You should provide the best natural bedding for your rabbit to use. Natural beddings such as the Kaytee Clean & Cozy Natural Bedding For Rabbits are non-toxic if consumed and are digestible. Also, it absorbs moisture and controls odor.

Have a litter box

bunny box

Rabbits have a habit of peeing and pooping in one area. Take advantage of this benefit and put a litter box, like the CalPalmy Rabbit Litter Box. Also, place a thin layer of pellet litter at the litter box’s bottom. Ensure you avoid cat litter, as it is unsafe for rabbits.

Provide toys

rabbit play box

Rabbits love to chew a lot. Therefore, purchasing things like the Kaytee Rabbit Chew & Toy Box can ensure your pet will engage in enrichment activities that will keep them engaged. You can also provide your pet with paper towel rolls or chewable cardboard to chew.

Water container and food bowl

Like, any other animal, your bunny will need water and food to survive. Thus, make sure to have a food bowl and water container in the cage. If you want to keep several rabbits, have several containers.

What food can rabbits eat?

bunny food

A rabbit’s main diet mainly consists of hay, which is rich in fiber. Make sure to provide fresh hay on a daily basis. Adult rabbits take oat hay, grass hay, or timothy hay, while baby rabbits take alfalfa. Other foods rabbits can eat include fiber-rich pellets, like the Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets. Also, you can opt to supplement the bunny’s diet with fresh vegetables and clean water.

Do rabbits like being brushed?

rabbit grooming

Yes, rabbits love regular grooming as they are clean animals. These pets undergo shedding cycles several times a year, so make sure you own grooming brushes for rabbits. These brushes will help you to remove any excess fur. Failure to brush off the excess fur can cause your pet to ingest them, leading to severe digestive complications.

How often should you brush your rabbit?

All rabbits need brushing when they are shedding. During shedding, your rabbit’s old fur will shed away as it paves the way for new hair. Make sure to note how much fur your bunny is losing. You can brush your rabbit daily if it is shedding too much fur.

On the other hand, brushing is not a must if your bunny is not shedding. However, if you want to brush, do it at least once a week.

Summing it up

As you can see, providing for a rabbit is very easy. However, caring for it is not as easy as many may assume. You must adhere to a strict diet, housing, grooming, and entertainment requirements.

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