Which Are the Best Brushes for Rabbits?

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A group of rabbits on the grass
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Just as with all other pets, rabbits can benefit from regular grooming from their owners. Although these creatures don’t require regular haircuts like other pets, our research has shown that they do benefit greatly from regular brushing. However, we've learned that different breeds of rabbits may benefit from different types of brushes, so you’ll need to do some research before you grab any old brush or comb and go to town on their fur.

Do I Need To Brush My Rabbit?

Rabbits of all ages do a lot of self-grooming, so a common misconception rabbit owners have is thinking that they do not require any human help when it comes to grooming. However, this is far from the truth. Since rabbits use their mouths to clean themselves, they can end up swallowing a lot of hair. And, unlike cats who can bring hairballs back up, rabbits are unable to clear hairballs out of their system, so this makes digestive issues a big problem.

How Often Should I Brush My Rabbit?

Rabbits shed their coats about four times a year and it’s important to help your bunny get rid of her excess hair during these shedding times so that she does not try to swallow all of it. During times when you notice a lot of extra shedding, you will want to brush your bunny at least once a day.

During any other time of the year when your rabbit is not shedding, you will still want to help her by giving her coat a brushing at least twice a week.

How Do I Brush My Rabbit?

A white rabbit

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We have found from experience that it’s best to brush a bunny when she is sitting still, preferably while she is distracted with snacks or treats so that she can’t hop away while you are working on her. You can either brush your bunny by holding her or by placing her on a flat, comfortable surface, like a table. If you are holding your bunny, be sure to always hold her hind legs with one hand while you brush with the other so that you do not injure her.

Before using a brush on your rabbit, you may want to use your hand to loosen up her fur. You can pet her the opposite way to do this and you can pick out any clumps that may appear as you do so. Then, using your brush or grooming tool, brush her hair from her head to her tail using short, sweeping motions. You may need to clean the brush head often to get the best results.

The 9 Best Brushes for Rabbits

Mr. Peanut’s Pet Grooming Glove Brush

grooming glove brush

A grooming glove or mitt isn’t a typical brush, but it works well to remove excess fur from all rabbits, especially the ones who won’t sit still. These gloves, like this one from Mr. Peanut, feature silicone nubs that work to uplift your rabbit’s hair while you pet her.

Hair Buster Comb by Pet Select

pet comb

A hair buster comb is the perfect brush for long haired rabbits and it’s the best brush for rabbits who are currently shedding. This comb by Pet Select features rounded ends that won’t hurt your pet’s delicate skin.

MENNYO Slicker Brush

slicker brush

When you aren’t sure which rabbit brush is best for you to use, opt for a traditional slicker brush, like this one from MENNYO. This brush features strong bristles that can remove a lot of hair at once while massaging your rabbit and detangling clumps of fur.

Docatgo Deshedding Tool

docatao deshedding tool

The best rabbit grooming brush for times of shedding is hands down a deshedding tool. These tools, like this one from Docatgo, keep your rabbit’s hair healthy by removing only the dead follicles while leaving the rest detangled.

Ware Small Animal Grooming Kit

rabbits, rabbit brushes

When you aren’t sure which type of grooming tool is right for your rabbit, consider the Ware Small Animal Grooming Kit. This kit includes multiple tools, like a slicker brush and a soft bristle brush, so you can try each one. The kit also includes a nail trimmer and a treat to help your bunny stay comfortable during grooming.

It can be difficult to choose a tool for grooming your rabbit, especially during shedding seasons. However, brushing your bunny is necessary as it will help her stay healthy.

Pecute Dematting Comb and Grooming Tool Kit

rabbits, rabbit brushes

This grooming kit works well for new rabbit owners who are afraid of harming their pets during brushing. This kit comes with a comb and a rake-shaped rabbit brush, both of which have sharp-edged blades that can cut through the tangles in your bunny's hair. By cutting through tangles, you won't have to yank your brush or comb through the tangles, which will cause less stress for your bunny. This is perhaps the best rabbit grooming brush for rabbits with all lengths of hair.

Depets Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

rabbits, rabbit brushes

Another great brush for long haired rabbits, the Depets Slicker Brush comes with an easy-release button that helps you clean the brush quickly. This brush is also unique in that it doubles as a massaging brush that will stimulate blood circulation in your rabbit's skin. The ends of the brush have soft tips, too, that will not scratch your pet, and the hand is coated for easy gripping. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this brush is its size since it is quite large and may not be suitable for baby or young rabbits.

Small Pet Select Bunny Brush

rabbits, rabbit brushes

For rabbits that seem to shed a lot, consider using a deshedding, fine-toothed comb in place of a traditional brush. Although it may seem counterintuitive, using a smaller tool can help you de-shed your rabbit's coat layer by layer, making it more effective than a large brush. The Small Pet Select Bunny Brush is a durable option that has metal teeth and an easy-to-grip handle.

Kaytee Pro Slicker Brush

rabbits, rabbit brushes

Perhaps the best brush for rabbits with medium-length hair, the Kaytee Pro Slicker Brush comes with plastic teeth that are spaced just enough to grip hair without pulling at your rabbit's skin. This brush also has a curved head that makes brushing more comfortable for you and your bunny.


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