How to Make a Homemade Rabbit Hutch

Brett Gee | April 26, 2021 | rabbit hutch
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Looking to save some money and make your own, homemade, rabbit hutch? Keep reading to get some great tips that every hutch maker should know.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Rabbit Hutch?

With all materials included, it costs around $150 to build a homemade rabbit hutch.

What Kind of Wood Should I Use?

Almost any kind of wood is suitable for building a rabbit hutch, but for a good, sturdy hutch, use untreated timber. Most wood treatments are not safe for rabbits, who are infamous chewers of all things wood. However, it is fine to use treated wood for the bottom legs of the hutch, where a bunny cannot reach. This prevents wear and rot.

How High off the Ground Should I Build It?

Make sure that the hutch is at least one to two inches off the ground. This way, it does not sit in water during rainy weather which prevents the wood from rotting.

How Tall Should a Rabbit Hutch Be?

A rabbit hutch should be at least two feet tall. Rabbits are natural jumpers, and they need room to do so. Many store-bought hutches only allow for one foot of jumping height, but you can customize the jumping height with a homemade rabbit hutch. That way, your rabbit will always have room to jump.

How Wide Should It Be?

Rabbit hutches should be at least three feet by six feet in width. Rabbits are naturally very active animals, and it’s good to give them room to romp and play. A rabbit who barely has room to turn around it its hutch is not a happy rabbit.

Should I Add a Shelter or Roof?

Part, if not all, of the rabbit hutch should have a sturdy roof to act as a shelter during poor weather conditions. The best material for your roof is asphalt, as it keeps rain and snow away and reflects heat during summer months.

Also, remember to add a small, indoor shelter for your rabbit. They are social creatures, but they also stress easily. It is important to have a small, covered area where they can make a nest with bedding and hay to relax.

What’s the Best Floor Covering?

The floor of your hutch should be made from wire gauge. Large gauge wire, about 1.5 inches thick, works the best, so it doesn’t become clogged with bunny feces. This wire should always be covered with a thick layer of bunny bedding or hay, as a rabbit could easily get their foot stuck in the wire.

Does a Rabbit Hutch Need an Access Door?

When constructing your hutch, do not forget to add an access door. This allows you to clean your hutch, so make sure it’s sized appropriately for you to get in and out. The door also allows you room to easily catch your rabbit, when you need to take it out

Building a homemade rabbit hutch does not have to be a tedious, expensive project. For less than the cost of a store-bought hutch, you can make one to your own specifications and make your bunny a very happy home.

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