Five Simple Ways to Keep a Cat Entertained

Donna Hellmann | July 06, 2021 | cat toys, cats
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Looking at a cat as she is taking her third nap of the day may make one wonder how she could be so lazy. Perhaps, though, she is simply bored. Many times, it is the latter. Cats, especially those kept indoors, need stimulation and fulfillment just like humans. And while this is true, many people still wonder, “How do I keep my cat entertained?”

Actually, there are several things cat parents can do to keep their cats amused. Here are five basic approaches:

Curate an Area for Kitty to Play on Her Own

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Cats are predators, and, as such, they are accustomed to hiding and ambushing prey. That is why it’s a smart idea to leave out handleless paper bags and cardboard boxes for tireless, feline fun. As a matter of fact, cat owners probably have a surplus of boxes in their homes from online deliveries which can be used to create a personal, pussycat Disneyland! Whether cat lovers decide to build a castle or a forest, it should be simple to construct using a few boxes, scissors and tape or glue.

If time is an issue, they can lay a small blanket over a table so Fluffy has a space to herself. Or, they can simply purchase a play tunnel or cat tree. Cat trees tend to stretch from the floor to close to the ceiling, but there are some shorter choices. They are great for giving indoor cats opportunities to climb where they normally wouldn’t.

Let Them Experience the Thrill of the Chase

As most children with a laser pointer already knows, cats typically enjoy a great light chase. Cat owners can easily catch sunlight or lamplight with an old CD or a pocket mirror and allow it to bounce off the floor and the lower half of the wall. Most kitties will certainly attempt to capture the reflected glow.

However, while chasing light is sure to get cats off the sofa, these furry friends will get frustrated quickly when they realize that it is impossible to catch the light. Cat lovers should always conclude such games with a solid toy that their buddies can stalk and pounce on.

Explore Kitty Tech Options

There are apps for everything else, so why wouldn’t there be a few for feline entertainment? Cat-inspired apps are designed to keep a pussycat’s paws and brains engaged, and while they do not provide as much exercise as regular play, “catching” fish, mice, birds and insects keeps a cat busy and gives her an outlet for her proverbial curiosity. There is even an app that allows kitties to “paint” pictures with their swipes as they chase a digital mouse.

Bond with a Brushing

Cats are fantastic at grooming and often groom each other as a sign of affection. By brushing their kitties, cat parents are showing their love for them. Cats will not turn down the gesture, which is appreciated as a bonding experience, and because it feels like a relaxing kitty massage.

Switch Up a Cat’s Toys

If a kitty has access to all her toys all the time, she will grow tired with all of them. A fun way to pique her interest is to rotate her toys weekly, so she doesn’t get bored. Even if an owner doesn’t have a large variety of toys, such as balls, stuffed mice on strings and feather wands, he or she can easily create some to give her more to enjoy. These furry friends are not fussy. Owners can take an old t-shirt, cut into even strips and tie them together for a toy that is hours of fun in the making. Crumpled paper and yarn make wonderful balls, too—there are endless possibilities.

In conclusion, if feline lovers want their cats to get their proper exercise and remain entertained, it is crucial that their cats’ minds and bodies are stimulated as much as possible. To keep their fur babies healthy and content, designing and rotating daily entertainment and stimulation should be a priority for owners.

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